Thursday, September 22, 2011

Baby steps....waaaa!

How many days have gone by?  Blog set-up steps are not as easy as it looks.  I have had a few days of forced offline down time. Our I.T. guy (sweet husband/Daddy) was out of town and fixed it promptly upon his return.  Yeah!
I have taken some pictures to share with you....but the camera battery died.  Fifteen year old daughter has yet to assist me in charging it up and then make time to show me how to load the pictures (again).   And, she had the strength of character to complain that I had used HER camera.  And state,  "Mom if you don't know how to do all these things, maybe you shouldn't have a blog."
Who does she think she is?  Doesn't she understand how big a step in my personal growth that this blog is providing?  Doesn't she realize that my design view will be unique and inspiring to others (when I learn how to) ?  Doesn't she know how much power she now has over me to get nearly anything her heart may desire?  (Good thing she has not a clue!)
Please have faith that I will continue to endeavor through these first steps and create a wonderful place to visit.  I know that I do.  Fondly,  Linda

Friday, September 16, 2011

Just beginning...

Hello!  I have been reading and studying design blogs for a few years now and have an idea of my own.  Usually, I wait to begin a project after I know everything about everything.   What I know right now is that getting this far has been a struggle with me, myself and I.  The learning "everything" will just have to happen as I now "do"!
Maybe tomorrow I will learn to add pictures to my post.  Anyway, that is my plan.  Hang in there with me and enjoy my process.  Nervous does not begin to describe...more of a paralysis.  Afraid to make mistakes. But knowing that I have a lot to share and excited by the possibilities.  :-)

Off to bed now.  Looking forward to tomorrow!  Linda


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