Friday, October 26, 2012

Owls - Nature Designed

Now in fashion again since the late 1960's, 
they are back in a big way! 

Maybe they were never completely OUT,
as you'll see they are available in all matters and materials.
 If you find a vintage owl even better.  (my opinion)

Barn Owl    via

Art Deco Plaster marked with the seal of the Library Congress
via 1st Dibs  offered by Drake
These Bookends are replicas (bearing a Library of Congress stamp) of the carved stone pair standing at the entrance to the Library of Congress's John Adams Building.  (seen below)

white patinated metal               via 1stDibs
offered by Talisman

carved stone   1st Dibs

alternate view

RSH a catalog boutique

1891 Doulton tobacco jar  $1250
  1st Dibs offered by Tom Stansbury Antiques

1880-1891 Doulton tobacco jar  $2900
1st Dibs offered by Jonnys Antiques LTD

Which collectible tobacco jar 
would you choose?

Viva Terra

by Two's Company via The Jungle Store

hand puppet by Folkmanis
via The Jungle Store

PJ Salvage via Melange 4 Women
My absolute favorite on line clothing store.
They wrap your order like a gift, include a handwritten thank you note and a small candy, and shipping is FREE for orders over $75 !

made by (and for) Knitwits
via The Jungle Store

Cast Iron Trivet  via RSH  catalog

Plate Set
Pottery Barn
Lanterns   via Pottery Barn

Ceramic Luminary   via Pottery Barn

Quite HUGE !                    (Salt glaze?)       
Spotted in Newport Beach, CA at The Find Consignments.

via 1st Dibs
Pair of cast iron Victorian andirons with glass eyes.

Beautiful year round and perfectly spooky nearing Halloween!

1950's painting oil on board $750
1st Dibs offered by Bridges Over Time

Hootie Hoot Cheers!  Linda   :-)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beach Steps

Impromptu bliss occurred Tuesday evening when I pulled up to the filling stations (gas and grocery) without my wallet.

It would be 30 minutes round trip to get my money.
I instead decided to park and walk to the beach.
Enjoying the hours left before sunset doing something completely different!

Salt Creek Beach, Dana Point CA                                 by DesignInMyView

A blustery Fall day in October (70 degree high - it's all relative...) I counted only 7 people on this stretch of sand.  Many surfers trying to find a wave in the chop, and dozens of walkers stuck to on the asphalt trail.  Fine with me!

End of the season raking had fluffed the dry sand.  A bit of "earthing" was necessary!

Teak (?) and Stainless Steal Screws                            by DesignInMyView

Stairs to my favorite home along this bluff.
They're also my favorite stairs.

It's very good to daydream.                                   by DesignInMyView

Cheers!  Linda   :-)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What's This? Boston and Coastal Massachusetts

Ok, big hints in the title of this post!

Remember that texture and color in your designs can be inspired by sometimes looking closely, very closely.

Find the extraordinary in objects and nature.

Guess what the detail is from, and then scroll down for the answer. 
 Share your results in the comments - you're on your honor!

Also hoping you enjoy a bit of American history while we play.

                                                                                                                                    by DesignInMyView


Mrs. Mallard in bronze on granite cobble stones
So Big, she's able to nearly hide a 2 year old girl.  

in Boston Garden
"Make Way For Ducklings"  by Robert McClosky (a video reading)
This was possibly the first book I memorized.

(Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack and Quack)
The cutest young Mom with three under 4 !

                                                                                         by DesignInMyView

Don't you agree that the "soft focus" adds a painterly quality?  :-)

Decorative inlaid box
available from
Cynthia Driscoll Interiors

           Yell  O O O O!                                         (hey, it's college football season!  GO Ducks!)


A Sidewalk made from an
enormous slab of carved chiseled granite.
(not uncommon in Boston)

found directly opposite
                          by DesignInMyView

Bunker Hill
Charlestown, Boston


Ok, you may be correct... but name the exact use/placement for 10 extra points!


The Freedom Trail

                                                                               by  DesignInMyView


Monarch Butterfly (deceased washed-up)
Duxbury Beach Park



Horseshoe Crab Shell on granite
Duxbury, MA

                                                                                            by DesignInMyView


Faux-bois Ceramic Garden Stool $125
in Plymouth, MA

Notice the crushed shell ground cover AND the granite curb.



Bulls Eye glass panes found in the door of     Plymouth, MA's
Fresh Produce women's boutique.

A charming ancient architectural detail in a store that was likely originally a grocery store.
My guess, based on the vast interior square footage.

   More about Bulls Eye Glass HERE.


Hey,  20 extra points if you know where this is taken!


Brant Rock Tide Pool (quite sure, more granite)
Marshfield, MA

Brant Rock and connecting Jetty 
Looking (west-ish) towards Marshfield
The watch tower was built to protect us during WWII.

I was so happy that we had perfect weather in Boston.  A coolish, for me, 70 degrees and sunny.  Followed by an overcast day (shall we say granite gray) like the one pictured above, with late afternoon sun.

The colors of the houses and nature were so much more intense without bright sunshine.
LOVE it!

How did you SCORE?

Cheers!  Linda   :-)


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