Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beach Steps

Impromptu bliss occurred Tuesday evening when I pulled up to the filling stations (gas and grocery) without my wallet.

It would be 30 minutes round trip to get my money.
I instead decided to park and walk to the beach.
Enjoying the hours left before sunset doing something completely different!

Salt Creek Beach, Dana Point CA                                 by DesignInMyView

A blustery Fall day in October (70 degree high - it's all relative...) I counted only 7 people on this stretch of sand.  Many surfers trying to find a wave in the chop, and dozens of walkers stuck to on the asphalt trail.  Fine with me!

End of the season raking had fluffed the dry sand.  A bit of "earthing" was necessary!

Teak (?) and Stainless Steal Screws                            by DesignInMyView

Stairs to my favorite home along this bluff.
They're also my favorite stairs.

It's very good to daydream.                                   by DesignInMyView

Cheers!  Linda   :-)


  1. Linda,
    I love this. Reminds me to slow down and find a little bit of beauty and enjoy the day. Dana Point looks lovely!

    1. We just never know how a day will evolve. I am blessed to be able to relax and find an alternative to what could have become a huge hassle!

      Come walk the beach with me soon. Or text me the next time you're walking the beach near you. :-)

  2. Linda,
    I like your style for turning lemons (left wallet at home) into lemonade (have a relaxing walk on a beautiful stretch of beach). That's great, I need to take some time to stroll the beach sometime this fall.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Karen at Garden, Home and Party

  3. Good on you. Toosties in the sand is always a better feeling than driving the highways!

    1. I imagined you giving me the "high sign" to do just that! Working on my steps to becoming more Kiwi. :-)



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