Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Vintage Rides in The OC

This may appeal MORE to the men in your life.  Please share.

Leading with the one closest to my heart.

Dad's midlife crisis car was a used 1967 Mustang Fastback - this lemon yellow.
My sister and I were very lucky, when Dad's crisis had passed, it was our first ride!

That car was already a classic in 1978.  
Often I would return to it parked in the Mall lot and there would be a note asking, 
"If you ever want to sell... please call!"

When I spotted this in the grocery store parking lot
I could recall washing and waxing every angle
and buffing each chrome medallion and trim piece.
(A mental escape I could take all day to get just right!)

Driving slowly through the Rancho Mission Viejo parking lot after the Rodeo,
I spy something blue.

Another gem in the grocery store parking lot!  "Orange you glad I stopped?"

So fashionable with the equestrian look leather straps
and headlamp covers that look like fencing masks, "Olympic Style".

I parked next to it very carefully at the Mission Viejo Mall.
Should have left a note, "Please call if...".

This is where I tip my hand to those who know better.
Vintage?  Or made to look vintage?

Still very cool.

Look at that swing out window!

My weakness for Ford?  Or horses?

Just last night.  When I should have been walking on the beach......

I always "sneak-up" on my subject.
What if the owner spots me and objects?

Blurry because I hesitated getting out of the car!

Now design style meets ride style...

Taken while driving PCH (Pacific Coast Highway)
BUT I was stopped at the light!!!

The lady who is standing just out of view on the left,  looked a bit concerned I was snapping her photo.

Cheers!  Linda   :-)


  1. Hi Linda, thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog, I really appreciate it.

    That "collection" of cars is quite cool - I really like the black Porsche (I think) with the straps, very nice!

    Have a lovely day, love from London xo

    1. Yes a Porsche, yum.

      My blog statistics show many readers, but you are my first commenter from across the pond!

      This is a momentous day for me - thank you. :-)


  2. this post is soooooo cool - and i am not even that into cars!
    PS I am also going to follow you on bloglovin as at work gmail is a bit funny.

    1. Hey hey! Nice to have you back again. :-)

      And you are my Follower #25 - wooo Hooo! (you'll have to imagine my Happy Dance)



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