Thursday, September 19, 2013

View MY Venini Chandelier On The Cover Of Elle Decor

October 2013 Elle Decor cover on newsstands now!


That's the chandelier I found on 1st Dibs a year ago.

Hello Ms's Wearstler and Diaz!

I knew you were artsy fartsy.  I did not expect to see you so topsy turvy. (I've tried every which way and this photo just won't sit up straight)

I love how you used MY Venini chandelier in Cameron's Manhattan apartment living room.

(seriously.  this photo too?)

Did you see how I used it in a virtual design for a woman's office in September 2012?
I was inspired by a photo from The Sartorialist of street fashion in Paris.

So cool that we have similar taste!
Though maybe more cool for me, than the two of you...

My inspiration had multiple jewel tones which heightened the drama in a small room.
I too used citrine pillows, a clean lined white bench style table and stacks of books for interest.  Our wall & ceiling color is also similar.

I used the emerald green you chose for your real kitchen cabinets.... upholstery on the desk chair in my virtual office.

Gotta see that kitchen chandelier....

..... Kelly loves statement chandeliers (me too) !   Cameron's apartment is loaded with them.  Buy the magazine for the example of how a special light source (chandelier, sconce, lamp,..) is a unique sculptural element, not just a bulb holder.

Kelly's crown molding topping these kitchen cabinets is very similar to the molding I designed for our family room bookcase.

Crown trim molding added to an existing
 (formally 1980's golden oak) bookcase.

Design in my view, is very much like Wearstler & Diaz's design view.
View is one thing.  Execution and a fabulous budget are two other, very important things.

Linda   :-)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Girlfriend With Cancer Gets Picked Up From Chemo

It was my first opportunity to be Pick-Up Gal Pal.  
The next day "girlfriend" was scheduled to have a blood transfusion.....   
I did not want to be communicable

F.Y.I.  "HAPPY * HAPPY * HAPPY is a t-shirt from the A&E cable reality show "Duck Dynasty".  The quote, "HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY" is from patriarch Phil Robertson. (I call him the Cliff Huxtable/Bill Cosby of the 2010's)  

The Duck Commander Store here sells ALL the show product, and equipment for real hunters.
I assisted Santa, and put this shirt in my stocking last Christmas, "Oh, Santa!  Thank you!  It was on my wish list!"

As I waited for the call to drive up to the medical center door, I needed to use the bathroom.  Traipsing across the parking lot (from my tree shaded spot) a young man on a bicycle was crossing my path.  He broke his headset audio focus, looked at me with a smile and said, "I like your shirt."  I responded with, "I'm a BIG fan!, you?"  "Yes!", he grinned, as he peddled away.

Thank you Girlfriend for sending me this photo today.  I'll see you tomorrow.  My 2nd opportunity to pick you up from chemo.  I am honored to assist!

XO,  Linda   :-)

Dear Reader,  I have just learned about a glassybaby giveaway from Leslie of, Around The Table.  The sale of glassybaby's assist in funding cancer research, cancer patient needs and many other charitable organizations.

Go to her post HERE to enter to win.  If you don't know about glassybaby's go to her post and see what you're missing!


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