Monday, July 23, 2012

Yayoi Kusama, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Whitney Museum

original photo by Design In My View

I spotted a mention in July/August Elle Decor of Yayoi Kusama and her recent collaborations with....

Louis Vuitton Pop-Up-Shop

Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton will spend the summer building and dismantling 7 Pop-Up-Shops in or near LV stores world wide.

Beginning July 10 in New York City's SoHo neighborhood and ending August 24 at Selfridges in London.

If you are so lucky to shop in a LV Pop-Up look for silk pj's, trench coats, necklaces and bags.

October 1st will begin the launch of leather accessories embossed with Kusama's tentacle like "nerves" motif.

South Coast Plaza in Orange County, California (city of Costa Mesa)
the Louis Vuitton store looks like .......

original photo by Design In My View

original photo by Design In My View

original photo by Design In My View

I didn't venture in, as I felt that the Doorman Guard was about to ask me not to take photos.

And if I went in, I would want to take more.

Then a small child walking quickly by one of the tentacles, reached out brushing it with his hand - nearly tipping it.  Hubby and the Guard exchanged "friendly hand motions and smiles" agreeing (in their no words conversation) that a domino effect was nearly set into motion!  (phew, could have been me!)

Thanks to my unwitting Partner in crime!  His friendship "bought me" some time to take these "stolen" images. 

A review ...
you saw this in my first Kusama post
Did you imagine its scale?
my computer screen "capture"         
The "at home" version....

seen at the Meier Gallery in Miami Beach circa 2007                     via

and the pumpkin charm,
 from the YL jewelry collection 
These are driving me completely MAD!  ... HERE 

Elle Decor Magazine

my photo of July/August Elle Decor magazine

Check out the entire collection HERE
Do NOT pass GO, do not collect $200.  Just go.  Just see.  Just.... 

my computer screen image                                      via

Whitney Museum of American Art, New York 
is beginning their Kusama retrospective July 12 
(through September 30)

Organized in collaboration with Tate Modern, London and supported by Louis Vuitton this is another show of Yayoi Kusama's world wide acceptance, example of perfectly designed advertisement/product placement, and an event I would (DIE, L.O.V.E., Jump Through Hoops, Bend Over Backwards,.....) do most anything to see in person!

Just a Taste

"Accumulation" 1963
sewn & stuffed fabric, wood chair frame, paint
Whitney Museum of American Art, NY purchase 2001
photo by Tom Powel

"A Flower" 1952
ink on paper  10 5/8" x 7 3/8"
collection of the artist
"Self-Obliteration" 1968
collage with gouache & ink on paper
18 1/8" x 11"
collection of the artist

My fascination (which spell check stopped me from spelling "fashionation") with Yayoi Kusama continues.  I can only hope that you enjoy discovering her with me again!

Cheers!  Linda   :-)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ina Garten's Kitchen and Friends

If Wikipedia can be used, as we grew up using the Encyclopedia, then take a couple of minutes and read about Ina Garten.  Wow!  She's Julia Child and Martha Stewart's cuter and nicer cousin.

In this post I was simply wanting to show two kitchens on the opposite ends of the spectrum of Kitchen Design (I love both equally).  As I often do, I misplaced my notes from the Barefoot Contessa show on Food Network (that I had taken my photos from) and resorted to searching the web. (Really, this was simply going to be photos via the Barefoot Contessa television show and it's become something more...Damn!  I just want to post "a quickie".)

Ina Garten (center) in her friends kitchen Stephen Drucker (left) and his partner Frank Newbold (right)
So, Ina Garten has many friends who are happy to assist her in taping her television cooking shows.

Including her husband Jeffery Garten (who is as "cool" as Julia Child's husband Paul Child (as I "met" him in the Julie & Julia movie).  Ok.  "search" don't "search" him (Paul) 'cause there is lots of innuendo talk... which gets us waaay off track.)

Back to my two favorite kitchen modern cottage,
Ina's t.v. kitchen      Open shelves, potted herbs, enormous stainless gas range w/double ovens,
soapstone (?) counters, painted cabinetry.......

and vintage cozy cottage....
A cottage kitchen with linoleum counter tops w/metal (not always stainless) edging, white appliances,
visible paper towel holder,  painted cabinets nearly original to the age of the house.
LOOK how Happy she is upon entering!

Back to Ina's kitchen:
  butcher block counter, dried beans in glass containers, beautiful cookware, a silver plater........

Return to Frank and Stephen's:
Linoleum tile floor, probable door to the basement (door right),  "squeezed in" marble island (great!),
maybe a map of the area hanging over the older gas range.
In this episode with Frank and Stephen, Ina is helping prepare preparing a dinner for the guys to serve to their weekend guests.  As we learn, The Hamptons are quite a distance from NYC and getting to your cottage with time to serve dinner is nearly impossible unless you have a "townie" friend who gets it all together for you.  As with all great friendships, big hugs and promises to see you soon are all the repayment thanks needed!

I more than mentioned before.... when attempting to recreate my notes, I uncovered many references and sites referring to subjects I did not imagine including in my post - ABOUT KITCHEN STYLES.  

Looking for more photos of Ina's Barn/Television Kitchen
I was excited to find....
Ina's Kitchen
Ina's Desk
"Ina’s Pomegranate Cosmopolitans and a vase of fennel, in lieu of flowers — why not?"
(last three photographs - AND the last quote - from House Beautiful taken by Simon Upton)

Then was taken "aback" Idiom 5.taken aback, surprised and disconcerted: I was taken abackby
 his harsh criticism.
                                        when I found......Food Network Humor and again here.  Then "search" Stephen Drucker and there are too many "articles" to read (but scanning them you will recognize parts of his career as a home decor magazine editior) when one is just wanting to look at kitchen design!  
Also, what is the problem "people" have with a successful real estate broker (Frank Newbold) and his home decor magazine editor partner having a lovely cottage with a vintage kitchen?   Personally, I love them more for it!

Here's the REAL DIRT I uncovered..........
Ina's hand removing a box from her panty shelf.           
In Ina's Pantry.....

Ina, now turning toward the camera (with the box in her hand).
Photo's never lie....
Ah HA!
phew!  Even television cooks have dirt in their pantry.

Cheers!  Linda   :-)

Above photos are original Design In My View "captured" from a HD television screen "paused" broadcast of Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa on The Food Network, unless otherwise identified.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Stanford Court Antiques San Clemente, California

One of my go to places for good mental health and adding to my
"ooh, wish I had this" list is Stanford Court Antiques near the top of Avenida Del Mar.
 (left hand side in this view)

This photo and more information about shopping in San Clemente  HERE
Send the older kids and uninterested adults to Baskin Robbins a short stroll to the top of the block, or across the street to Schmids of San Clemente for handmade chocolates. 

Now you shop fast they'll be back soon!

Recently I admired........
Very large lidded jardiniere - from Mexico


"just keep swimming, just keep swimming...."

Are you planning new kitchen cupboards or a family room addition with a bar? (you could even have it plumbed!)

Have you even dared to price having it made in solid curly maple?

Just look......

So big!  Bigger is better!

notice the pull out bread board
amazing proportions!

For a feature wall..... (like a window with a view)
Large acrylic $1250   50"x40"        (it's been here a long time)

Very pretty - doesn't need a frame


Mom has one of these on a post that we used to have on the driveway (Sherwood, OR) to tie our horses before and after a ride.

Look Mom, it's $150.

ooh, but look at that painting behind!  I may have to go back and take a closer look.

Ready for real zebra hide?

Do you love a hunt as much as I do?                        (note the tear on that front corner)

This is the second of the pair.
Swan detail in brass

Thanks for shopping with me!

Maybe next time we'll be buyers....

oh yeah!  I did get something this time.
The blue bottle.  Triangle shaped.  Our guest bath.
(mirror - Ikea "stave", sconce - Restoration Hardware sale 2008?)

Cheers!  Linda    :-)

July 4th Oregon Coast Chapter 3 - A "grand" Finally

Ok!  It's The Fourth of July and we are cued up for the start of the parade....

well, not the START.  First there is judging.  About an hour before. Like waiting for the cable guy to show up, you just can not be sure when the judges will come around to your catagory.  And there are many: horses, cars vintage (carrying elected officials and those wanting to be elected), motorized floats, walking adult and children's divisions, possibly more...

The Miller/Wood Centipede is in the walking catagory - children's division.  In the last few years "we" have placed 3rd 2009 and 1st 2011 in the children's division.  Never has the centipede placed in the Adult Walking catagory and probably for two "good" reasons.  First, we sat around waiting to start rather than preforming while waiting (thus nothing to be judged) and second, the adults don't may not arrive early enough to be seen by the judges.

But the Kids now have a taste for winning and they look for those clipboard carrying judges, chatting them up with the history of our two families and the years of attendance the centipede has had in the Parade and showing their "stuff" like, S turns, ripples, and the crowd favorite Dead Centipede.

Best view of our Coach and Candy Thrower

The Winners of the Walking Catagory, Children's Division 

Yes, we had the sewing machine out to add a twin sheet to our centipede.  This family SHAVED THE DOG to look like the cowardly lion! ! ! !

The silver costume, Toto is being held by the Scarecrow, Dorothy was never out of character (even holding the blue ribbon casually in her lap, so as not to appear boastful), Glenda had the sweetest good witch smile.  It was their first ever entry in the parade...their level of commitment was more than the centipede could dance it's way around - we all agreed the judges chose wisely.

2nd Place in the Walking Catagory, Children's Division

They are Happy.  Just mesmerized by the Dog as Cowardly Lion!

Here they come!  It's time for Centipede Love!

With a little prompting we got the Grandma's out of their chairs...
Centipede circles around it's "victim" showing THE LOVE   :-)
(really funny when it is a small child who just wanted to get close for more candy)
Smile for the camera.

And their off!   

Back to the house for naps and a pork rib dinner.....
Grandkids photo-op
Grand Uncles converse
Tough to get "GeeGee" to hold still
sign of a healthy garden

signs that fireworks will be starting soon

July 5th - Get away day for most....

Entry (mahogany paneling, vintage Ethan Allen trestle table)
Flowers brought by Son's Sweetie   :-)
That is such a cool sphere!

One more chance for Grandkids photo
Come On!
Who was that?

Where did she go?
It was me - here I am!
Got It

You thought that took forever? 
Now time for Good Byes!

I said, good BYE!
Hug it out
Last words o'love
Ok.  Bye.  Good Bye.  See ya later.  bye, bye.....

Ready for the GRAND Finally?
July 6th Portland International Airport

Daughter and I are cruising around shopping and she turns to me and in teenaged rapid fire speak says, "That's Lucas!  From Pretty Little Liars!  I think it's him!  You know, the one who may be "A"!"

A young man (who I now see from the back) is walking not fast, but "with intent" to a destination he has in mind.  It takes Daughter and I a bit of time with many repeats of "are you sure" and "should we follow him, just to see" before we finally set off to locate the possible.... Actor Boy.

You imagine correctly reader.  How on earth will we find Him again?  Fortunately this is Portland, OR in the Alaska terminal, on a Friday evening, during a summer holiday AND a 16 year old girl is looking through the minimal crowd for an Actor Boy.

When we see this.....
Creepy i-Phone photo on extreme zoom - mine.
Then we begin text communicay with Niece in Lake Tahoe who also is a Pretty Little Liars FAN.  At some point I am appointed the "go up and talk with him just to see if it's him" person. 

Daughter googles searches for Actor Boy's real name at my request.  Or I could say, "Lucas?  From Pretty Little Liars? ya hi.  I watch your show WITH MY DAUGHTER! hi. um. Maybe your Mom and I went to school together?"

OMG it's him!
 I "steal" another photo with my phone.
Everyone Reader, I introduce you to Brendan Robinson.
The very cool as a cucumber when stalked by a fan's Mother, 
actor and nice guy, Brendan Robinson.
(I may have gone to school with his mother.  Or she's much younger.  He was born in 1990)

So Sweet!  Daughter, check-out the grip you have on him.
Upon introduction (me saying Daughter's name) he says, "That's my Mom's name!"  Brendan carried the conversation asking questions about us, none leading us to believe he was bothered by our possible probable stammering and staring.  This was our first star stalking and we had not come up with a plan past my, "Excuse me, are you Brendan Robinson?"

He made sure to impress upon Daughter that she needed to Tweet him saying that they had met, and he would be sure to (what? Twitter?) Tweet her as a friend (or something like that).  (how does that work?)  We took the photo.  I excused us with something motherly like, "We'll let you enjoy your meal."  "Thanks!"

As we hurried away (maybe smiling at each other with our shared excitement) our phone rang, "We're boarding now!"

So, Mom's a hero!  For about a minute.  And all's well that ends well with fireworks!

Cheers!  Linda  ;-)    


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