Thursday, July 12, 2012

Stanford Court Antiques San Clemente, California

One of my go to places for good mental health and adding to my
"ooh, wish I had this" list is Stanford Court Antiques near the top of Avenida Del Mar.
 (left hand side in this view)

This photo and more information about shopping in San Clemente  HERE
Send the older kids and uninterested adults to Baskin Robbins a short stroll to the top of the block, or across the street to Schmids of San Clemente for handmade chocolates. 

Now you shop fast they'll be back soon!

Recently I admired........
Very large lidded jardiniere - from Mexico


"just keep swimming, just keep swimming...."

Are you planning new kitchen cupboards or a family room addition with a bar? (you could even have it plumbed!)

Have you even dared to price having it made in solid curly maple?

Just look......

So big!  Bigger is better!

notice the pull out bread board
amazing proportions!

For a feature wall..... (like a window with a view)
Large acrylic $1250   50"x40"        (it's been here a long time)

Very pretty - doesn't need a frame


Mom has one of these on a post that we used to have on the driveway (Sherwood, OR) to tie our horses before and after a ride.

Look Mom, it's $150.

ooh, but look at that painting behind!  I may have to go back and take a closer look.

Ready for real zebra hide?

Do you love a hunt as much as I do?                        (note the tear on that front corner)

This is the second of the pair.
Swan detail in brass

Thanks for shopping with me!

Maybe next time we'll be buyers....

oh yeah!  I did get something this time.
The blue bottle.  Triangle shaped.  Our guest bath.
(mirror - Ikea "stave", sconce - Restoration Hardware sale 2008?)

Cheers!  Linda    :-)


  1. Love the thrill of the hunt. You crack me up! I am the same way--I look and look and find wonderful items and then am so very happy with a single, perfect little treasure. Love the curvy triangle bottle AND the wonderful(would you say it is cobolt?) color. Thanks for visiting me. Can't wait to dig down deeper into your posts....

    1. Linda, Thank you for sharing a laugh! Hope you find many others as you read through older posts. :-)

      I had not tried to name the color of the triangle bottle, but cobalt is bluer. It's a unique blue green for sure!


  2. Loving that hutch Linda. Gorgeous. What a cool shop!


    1. Kim,
      Just tempting you to meet me for shopping next time you are "down south"! :-)

  3. Wow that hutch is beautiful! And it's ginormous!! I also love the horse thing (no idea what one of those is called. It reminds me of the horse rings all over the sidewalks in Portland. Have you heard of The Horse Project? Try googling it - it's pretty amusing!

    1. Amberly, Thank you for comments recently. :-)

      This Horse Project has been around for so long now, I am surprised I had not heard (herd) of it before. Thank you!

      My Mom has a horse ring in front of her house in SE Portland - I'm packing one of my Breyer horses with me next time. She may have words for you.... I let her know how to reach you. :-)



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