Thursday, April 26, 2012

William and Kate's Anniversary

It all began for me here ......

Diana and Charles           via

July 29, 1981 was a Wednesday (yes, I looked it up) my mother, sister and I watched every LIVE minute of the broadcast.  Either we got up very early or stayed up all night - that I can not recall.

It was a time of unreliable VHS tapes and recording devices, so our only choice was to cuddle up on the family room sofa and watch.  Unlike today with the ability to pause, the only break from our television vigil were for commercials. Those wee hours of the day went on and on and blissfully on....  (Diana and I were 20 years old.)


With this post, I honor the Anniversary of April 29, 2011. 

It was Friday. (yes, I looked it up!)  I had set the alarm for 2:30 AM. (I think) Without blinking, I remotely activated the television at the foot of my bed to watch the ceremony LIVE.

Yes, I had set the DVR on the HD big screen downstairs in the family room, but it was a matter of wanting to be there - or at least there with the assistance of the NBC broadcast - with all the millions of others who would be joining me - there just isn't anything better than LIVE!

I only had to stay awake for an hour or so to watch the brides arrival, ceremony and most of the parade back to Buckingham Palace.  I am quite sure I waited to watch the balcony kiss(es) on replay as I vividly remember dozing through the beginning of my second (middle of the night!) hour.

About 7AM I arose to assemble my royal brunch see Daughter off to school. (I was surprised disappointed she politely said no to my offer to have her miss school in order to watch THE Wedding!)

It was 9:30ish when I made my way back downstairs to assemble my Royal Brunch.

Mostly English goodies - some marked "Royal" and others of Scottish origin.

Yes.  I baked fresh scones!  An omelet of Collier's white cheddar, maybe "English Breakfast" tea served in my Great Grandmother's teapot from England.  (I honestly, can not "make out" or recall what the green stuff is next to the omelet - this was before I had this blog, and picture quality was not a concern.)

On to the replay!  The guests arrive!

Oh la la Mr. Beckham!

Those dear, dear girls.

Brunch Munched - I know I had 3 scones!

I did care about the photo design!  Green stuff is obviously a garnish of parsley.

And then during the week following, I received this in an email .....

(no credit given)               Disney for sure!         Coincidence ?

Cheers!  Linda   :-)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Silhouette Art

Silhouette artwork is traditional, contemporary and OF THE MOMENT!

See my post featuring this dog silhouette here.

Restoration Hardware can not offer more options.....

Spring 2012  baby & child   catalog




Purchase Boys here - Girls here - Babies here

AND .....

These are all possible DIY projects!
                                    The art you create would be of your own children and pets, or.....

   Favorite Foods
via Acclaim Images
credit misplaced     Google Images?


Hobbies !

 Got       metal wall art    signed Backer

New at Starbucks
 via my Follower #9 Ramblings of a Redhead

Still waiting On it's way to be framed:

Our Son age 7  
 Thank you Public School Teacher! 
"Antique" from my fox hunt collection

Need to find and frame the portraits of Hubby (who is now referred to as "Follower #11" yipee!) and I had done one rainy day at Disneyland. 

Cheers!  Linda   :-)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Brings A Bargain!

Welcome to my favorite local thrift shop!

San Juan Capistrano, CA       more info here

What the bargain is:  Black transferware cache pot (possible lid missing)   

What it depicts:  Cocks, Birds of Peace and Bunnies

Where it was made:   Japan or China or ?  (see the mark below)

What makes it a bargain?  I paid:   $4.50

Spring Brings A Bargain!

View 1

View 2           Bird of Peace near top edge

Cock  (one of 4)

Bunnies or, Hares ?
Japanese (?) mark

Hey, wait a minute ......
Are those rifle barrels poking out of the bushes?

Are these Fighting Cocks? 

 Is this a rare depiction of a historic battle found in a Grimm's Fairy Tale?  (or, "Ancient Chinese Mystery"?)

Please weigh in with facts you have that will help solve many of these questions.

Cheers!   Linda   :-)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Eggshell Veneer Update

Look how well my eggshell collection is .....

GROWING ! ! !   

Too bad the topiary is having to re-grow.

So, who out there is doing the REAL work and finding out how the heck I am going to create my eggshell veneer bookcase backboard?

The project, "eggshell d├ęcoupage" a 26" x 32"
 backboard for this space.

I know you're out there - after all YOU'VE made this my second most popular post.  As of today, "I'm Do'in It - Eggshell Veneer" has 123 views.

  YES that's.... 1     2     3   as in, easy as!

AND, my post was "pinned" (see Pinterest)
 by Chrystal Sturm
Thank you!

So, let me us know what information and experience you have gained.  (while waiting for me to gather eggs)

We're all waiting for you to "lay it on us"!  (you are not surprised!)

Cheers!  Linda  :-)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

On A Sunday Walk

Hoping you see your shadow today!

Bodi and I experimenting with our first i-phone.                photo by Design In My View

And if you do, by all means, make it dance!

Cheers!   Linda  :-)

What's This?

Look closely, for color and texture inspiration.  Everywhere.

Here's our game:
First a detail - then before you scroll down, wager your idea as to what it is (I trust you) - let me know how many you guessed correctly.  (Or, just pat yourself on the back and sit there proudly with that winning smile!)




streetlight post

A beautiful, but very tiny rock in this landscape.
Look for it on the dirt, in the shadow on the left.

Time for a lesson:  When the scale is wrong ill proportioned, or "off" - move your love interest (in this case, the rock) to a site which will show it off as your favorite.

Include it in a grouping of items with like colors.  (this rock could be on the front porch at the base of a tall terra cotta pot planted with white flowers) 

Use rocks like this inside too - bookend, hearth/mantel detail, in the corner of a large shower floor, etc.  A piece of nature becomes sculpture!


Cork clutch at Nordstrom
Trouve Reversible Envelope Clutch

I don't know if this is still available - it was smashing!  Cork imbedded with color and metalic bits.  It was in Nordstrom at Mission Viejo Mall (California). 

How did you score?

Cheers!  Linda

Friday, April 20, 2012

Dana Tanamachi

Parents, do not fret (much) if your child wants to draw for a living...... they may be as "retro creative" (my term) and commercially talented as graphic designer and custom chalk letterer

Dana Tanamachi !  

Check our her journal

Maybe you saw.....
Her cover for Oprah    February 2012

Or you were in NYC when .....  
Rugby Ralph Lauren store window  September 2011

Did you purchase .....
West Elm paperweights   Clearance priced NOW  here

Have you sipped ......
Winner of Double Gold (highest honor)
for Individual Label Design at the 2011 San Francisco International Wine Competition

Could you imagine ....
The alter backdrop !

And dream in color .....
Colored chalkboard paint

Don't you just ....
See time-lapse video of Dana at work  here

Cheers!  Linda

P.S.  I found out about Dana via "in LinkedIn TODAY " today, April 20th 2012.


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