Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Interior Design Inspired By Paris Street Fashion

A Ladies Office
Inspired by this Parisian Fashionista

via The Satorialist

1970's Venini Polyhedral Amber Glass Chandelier
Fill the ceiling with light 11"h x 38"dia
via 1st Dibs
listed by dealer  Craig Van Den Brulle NY, NY

Desk Chair

satin brocade fabric via

The fabric above on either of these chairs.  
I want you to thrift around for this or go to your upholstery shop and ask to shop their catalogs for a new ready to upholster chair.
If you choose the short skirt have the legs gilded!


Beckett Desk via Serena & Lilly

Over the desk, or on the biggest wall....
"Lake Cachuma" by obviously important artist Channing Peake (1910-1989)
found on One Kings Lane offered by Maienza - Wilson Design  $58,000 reduced to $27,799
If this museum quality painting is in your budget - Do Not Purchase from OKL (their no return policy is in effect for this painting) - Please contact the team at Maienza - Wilson and SEE it in person. please.

Then celebrate your good fortune when you have it hanging in your home - I'll bring the champagne and cocktails for the viewing partay!

May I also suggest cocktails for a "copy this painting" partay for one - when you get the paints out and create your own version.  No, it won't be the same - just affordable, and decorative.

Our Inspiration

Plush area rug
If this 4'x6' is too small for your space get a few and have them seemed together - if your budget allows and you like a bit more detail have a binding added.
"Shazaam"  $56     via Home Depot

Billowy Drapes
Whether you have a window or not.

In this....                                                                        Like this....
nylon & cotton organza  via


Consider an embroidery blanket stitch detail along the edges of the drapery panels.  Adding a slight "boho" dressed down detail, like she has chosen with her bracelets.

This red is taken from our inspiration's lip color.

Desk Decor

Lady Di votive from glassybaby

This photo is seriously way too small to feature.  Shame on Dwell Studio for not providing better quality photos...I almost didn't use their product in this post.

A brass sculpture measures 15"L x 10"W x9"L they call,"Tubular Burst".  They know it's worth the trouble, click on the "via" link above.

Extra open storage....just the bench.

found on Craigslist  new white lacquer from Room & Board
asking $200, let's start at $75 not to go over $100 - be strong!

And pile it on.........


.....and under......
floor pillows
citrine velvet from Dwell Studio

Paint colors:      walls, a white to match our inspirations hair
                                 ceiling, same white as walls or grey it down a bit like the other "whites" 
                                                   in the background of the inspiration photo                            

Looking up at your chandelier.

Of course, there are still elements that could be added!  
But this is a very good start.  
Where would you take this design?

Cheers!  Linda   :-)
see my post also inspired by Paris fashion HERE



  1. Ceiling and the lighting are very impressive for pleasing to anyone to view that kind of the house design . Landscape designs

    1. Zoya, thank you!

      I look forward to hearing from you again. Cheers!

  2. I did a blog post on the founder of glassybaby .. It started near my home and I have been collecting them over the years. They come in a gorgeous array of colors and each is unique. Great post! I love the style inspiration and those fabric for the chairs is so pretty.

    1. Leslie, I remember your glassybaby post. (Dear Reader - this is an inspiring & creative small business story you would enjoy!)

      My first glassybaby is "happiness" red (50th birthday gift from a dear friend) and my second is "aquamarine" (from my sweet mom).

      Thank you for commenting - it's always great to hear from you. :-)


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