Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Place I Know.... In Duxbury, Mass

My first visit to Massachusetts USA 

and I find a bit of "Heaven on Earth".




          Barrier Dune Landscape  (plantings in the foreground)                                               DesignInMyView


Least Terns Feeding at Dusk                                                             DesignInMyView

Atlantic Coast Reflected Sunset                                                                                DesignInMyView

Looking West                                                     DesignInMyView

"Earthing"                                                           DesignInMyView

I left my heart (on the beach) in Duxbury, Mass this weekend!
(that rock was too big to carry home)

To my Duxbury co-newbie Tammy, we may have set a record for taste testing 4 lobster rolls in 4 days.  

Thank you (that's a BIG thank you) to my Hostesses Sue and Wendy for the cozy bed, morning coffee and the all day conversations. 
 (aka, the vagina monologues)

Cheers!  Linda   :-)


  1. From Muse this morning:

    Well how come I wasn't invited???????? :)

  2. kim at northerncalstyle. has left a new comment on your post "A Place I Know.... In Duxbury, Mass":

    Absolutely beautiful Linda. How lucky were you to have getaway there? Never been there and would love to. Sounds like perfect time especially with all the girlfriends.
    Love your photos!

    Posted by kim at northerncalstyle. to Design In My View at September 26, 2012 8:50 AM

  3. Gorgeous photos, love how the East Coast is so green. I once was ejected from an all you can eat oyster thing in the wine country - I slurped down nearly 40 - so think I could match you roll for roll

    1. OK Jody - We're on! :-)

      Seriously, my friend who knows - said the first one we ate had a whole lobster's worth of meat. (went down very nicely!)

      Oyster's? You'll win. Let me know if you're ever headed to Western WA and I'll try to get some for you that my brother grows. (check out my July 4th post)



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