Saturday, September 29, 2012

NYC Fashion Inspires Table Setting

Let's set the table for a chic Bridal Party picnic!

The Satorialist

Our inspiration was seen in
Lincoln Center during 
Fashion Week, 
this September.

Wearing a strapless two piece suit by Andrea Marques.

Yardage for the table cloth....

Vogue Fabrics $5.99 yd

1 1/2"  Coral - Fushia grosgrain ribbon

Add a triple row of ribbon down the center of the cloth 
- set 3"apart from each other.
(I may adjust this to two rows if I can source a wider ribbon.)

Like the belt on our fashionista above! 

Pier One Grass Green Hemstitch Cotton
$4.95 napkin   $5.95 mat

Place settings should be stainless or silver, 
mixed patterns if you have them!

3" dia faux leather flower pin
Forever 21
Make this pin into a napkin ring.  
Possibly take the time to rub the petals with a bit of pewter/silver wax 
to better match the bracelet in the inspiration photo.

Or use a pewter/silver ribbon/stretchy band to attach the flower to, and then tie around the napkin.

16 oz Bambeco Flute
100% recycled glass  $15

Frosted Glass Dinner Plate
$21    maybe we can rent these! 
The glass is for beer or water.

Tall and lean like our gal.

Dinner plate for, well, dinner!

Note: the frosted rims of her eye glasses.

Faceted Glass Tumbler from Dwell
For Wine or Water, adding a bit of sparkle like the diamond stud earrings on our inspiration.


7" square white glass planter       via
Pot the moss and pansy as the feature elements 
and use small wisps of the mondo grass as detail. 

 I like using a series of arrangements in odd numbers 5, 7, 9 
(depending on the length of your table).  
Scatter them along the center line of ribbon so that you can see the ribbons here and there.

Black Mondo Grass & Scotch Moss

Black Pansy                via

Square Frosted Glass Votives

Thank you to my fabric research assistant Tricia Tadie at Tree Top Designs on Etsy.

Cheers!  Linda   :-)


  1. I love seeing the world through your design savvy eyes.

    1. Oh Emily - thanks for putting this BIG smile on my face!

      I am over the moon reading your posts from France and Italy. We are beginning to plan a trip (our first) for June 2013. Thanks for your "guide"!


  2. What a very cool setting - love how some people, like you, can really capture a fashion feeling in interiors!

    1. Just as you have done in your home! :-)

      From what I've seen of your fashion and design choices... sleek, contemporary with touches of vintage, colorful and comfortable (approachable). The humor in your writing and life situations are a wonderful bonus!


  3. Linda, I'm trying this again..

    Loved this post. I want that outfit too.

    1. Thanks for the do over Kim. But I like these first attempts too...

      Linda, Beautiful. I love to see how you get all the elements together.

      You should be a party or event designer. Lovely!


      p.s. love your new picture! :)

      You're a good friend! Hope we someday meet outside of Bloggerland. :-)

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