Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One Kings Lane Sells Luxe Show House Decor

Check out One Kings Lane sale today of decor items from Luxe Magazine's Maison de Luxe designer show house  held at Greystone Mansion this past December.

I shopped through OKL quickly and have located some detail photos of their items for sale.  These are photos from my tour to share with you..... just in case you are considering a purchase!

Click on the designers name to go to the OKL sale.

Mary McDonald
(use the lady in yellow as "scale" if you are considering the miror)
Mary McDonald 19th century Parisian Mirror 

Michelle Nussbaumer
There are other items in these photos also for sale - look closely....
Michelle Nussbaumer  (chairs)  click here for the Sultana console
Drapes and Pair of Sofas

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard
The following two photos show what I consider to be the best deal in this sale!  OKL lists the materials description as wood, metal and linen.  I recall that the finish on the king sized bed frame looked like bone.   Please ask OKL to confirm before you buy as they tend to leave out details on occasion.  (buyer beware - based on my experience as a OKL customer)

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard King Bed w/headboard, canopy and bed skirt

Wendy Schwartz
This rug is Amazing!

Designer Wendy Schwartz offers a Marc Phillips wool & silk rug

Wendy Schwartz  If I had only known....May have been mine!

Jaime Rummerfield & Ron Woodson
Best Bang for Your Buck!  (and still available!! under $300!!!)
Jaime Rummerfield & Ron Woodson  Peacock wall paper panel

Now get shopping - there's more to see in this sale!

And more to see in a post I'm working on... details from Maison de Luxe "My Detail Images"

Cheers!  Linda

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Please DON'T Light The Fire!

Here in southern California, the land of valet parking even at the mall (where's the sport in that?) and bundles of firewood costing about $7 at the grocery store. (I do purchase 3 to 4 maybe 8 a year.)  

There are more days of the year where decorative logs like these would make the hearth look inviting - But please don't light it!

individual log FOR SALE!   A huge investment that moved me to search further....

Made In Michigan

bundle of white birch   Nice that they offer varying diameters in each "costs a bundle" bundle.

Great look for a faux or out of service hearth.

from Europe    French firewood?  ("tu eesch heez ohn!")

When firewood becomes modern art!

logs and "tiles" from United Kingdom

Many colors available.....
stained to match your decor

I admit, this is something I could/wood do.

DIY with crappy wood and paint you find in your garage.

DARN IT!  I can not find (can not scan & download without help from my child) a photo from my inspiration file that is something I must finally do this spring.

Paint a bundle of heavily textured logs white.  (so much paint they look dipped)

That's what I've seen!
It looks like they are made of glass or glazed ceramic - so great for summer.
But....Please don't light the fire!!!

Cheers!  Linda

Monday, January 16, 2012

Baby Doll Costume

Baby Doll in Bumble Bee Costume photo & costume by Daughter

When a middle school aged creative type is "unplugged" by her  dominate loving mother.....good things happen!

I found these photos looking for design blog inspiration.

Unfortunately, inspiration pared with guilt (mine) when I shared the photos with, now, high school aged daughter.

See how Daughter invented black stripes (marker on painters tape) 

She longs for baby doll.

And I donated baby doll a few months ago.

In my defense, I explained reasoned that her storage boxes of memories (toys no longer being featured in her room) needed to be edited.  And baby doll could have a few years of making another little girl very happy.

Daughter seemed to understand and agreed.  (at the time, but....)

We went to the Salvation Army together on Friday, looking for baby doll.

As it turns out....  All donations are loaded onto a semi truck and taken to the central distribution center.  There are 10 stores that baby doll may have been taken.  (This is why "Toy Story 3" made our family cry, and now it's happening to us!)

I have the phone number to the Salvation Army distribution center.  (Waiting impatiently for this holiday weekend to END!)  My duty (self imposed) is to find out the addresses of the most likely locations baby doll may have been sent.  The manager of our nearest location said that they do not receive many toys since their clients buy more clothes and housewares.  (I spotted some great furniture!   But I digress....)

At this point I can only hope that baby doll is trying her best not to be purchased.  Maybe hiding behind other toys on the shelf, burying herself deep into a bin of boy's toy options, anything to be loved by Daughter again.

Cheers to you!  Nutz to the trials of being a Parent!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Look What I Did...On Sale At Pottery Barn

Ooops!  After New Years Sale at Pottery Barn on line.....

Are you kidding me?!  This is as large as Pottery Barn will let me (or, I can figure out how to "get") copy their pictures.  Well, link here and see my new outdoor wicker pendant light cluster.

Let me try this again....
Pottery Barn Grove Wicker Pendant Lights

and again.....

Nope.  That's too small too.

No worries!  They are going to make a cozy cluster of light on our patio this summer.  I know, you who have been following our weather of mid 70's to 80 the last couple of weeks are surprised I mention waiting until summer.

YOU would HAVE to LIVE here to UNDERSTAND...we create seasons. (whether they exist or not)   Yes.  I know.  Weird.

Cheers!  Linda

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Black To The Max

Striped drapery fabric, striped paper (ok, wall covering - might be fabric), high gloss paint (see it on the door, trim, book case, and....sofa feet!), picture frames, art and book jackets, stained floor, (tough to see, but the throw pillows too I think!) and L.O.V.E. the calf skin rug!!!

Found via Design Caller posted January 6, 2012

What more needs to be said?  BLACK MAX + TEXTURE = Perfection!

Cheers!  Linda

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ballard Designs' Mirror Frame As Ceiling Medallion

Our entry area between the door and the stairway is rectangular - on proportion to a 5' X 7' area rug, which I have stored since the slate floor installation...don't want to cover the beautiful stone!

I had the electrical moved to "center" on the door and leading edge of the stairway.  Then the search began for the chandelier and architecture needed to enhance this space.

Primer coat on resin mirror frame repurposed as Ceiling Medallion.

Before ordering this frame, I did call Ballard Designs to confirm the diameter of the mirror opening.  It was perfect enough, after the addition of a small ceiling medallion found at the hardware store.

This exact frame is no longer in stock, but Wisteria has a similar one carved from mango wood.   I wish this had been an option as the wood grain is beautiful.  The sunburst mirrors in/at Wisteria are great too!

To ensure that the medallion will never drop from it's great height, the boys glued and screwed (they love that!) and then braced until the glue had cured.  (Can you smell the testosterone?  When Hubby and Contractor are in the same space and you are in control observing as aesthetic advisor, it is a great day!)

Not featured in this photo, but slightly visible on the left side, is another bit of architecture I needed (YES, needed!) in order to establish a proper foyer.  With the talented assistance of my finish carpenter I salvaged 3 of 4 louvered panels from the set of sliders in the former dining room.  Which is now the pool table room. (Should I say, Billiards Room?)  The "structure" includes a rough sawn faux beam that runs parallel to the step down into the living room.

Ta dah!

The chandelier is still in "as found" condition... always thinking it may be best with a new color.  But first, the switch needs to be changed to a dimmer control.  Gotta love dimmers!

Note the faux beam on the right.

Decorated for Christmas!

Photos are so great in showing areas that need attention - trim around the door needs to be darker - probably, the slate gray I've used around the double doors into the Billiards Room (you simply must say that with an exaggerated English accent).   I need to source a wallpaper for these two walls - one that will help the closet doors disappear even more.  Finally, the iron railing, which will be in a future view (I haven't ordered it yet...).

Cheers!  Linda

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

University of Oregon Ducks vs Wisconsin Badgers In The Rose Bowl

Team Mascots
Wisconsin's Buckingham U. Badger aka "Bucky"

The Oregon Duck "Puddles" never to be confused with Donald

Team Uniforms

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

Linemen Lifting Guys Who Score Touchdowns

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill


Bucky Fan      AP Photo/Matt Sayles
Duck Fans        Thomas Boyd/The Oregonian

Stealth Bomber Fly Over

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

Oregon Fans YELL "O" !!!!!

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

See Us In The Crowd !

We are above the tunnel,  about 4 rows below the handmade sign - on the aisle - guy in the white shirt is Hubby!      AP/Hong photo

Oregon Ducks Win !!!     45 to 38
AP Photo/Matt Sayles

You may be asking yourself, "Why?"  Because, 95 years ago The University of Oregon won their first Rose Bowl.  This was Oregon's 6th Rose Bowl - EVER!  Yesterday was their 2nd win - EVER!

My Father was the BIGGEST Duck Fan - he attended the games in 1957 and 1995, the only two Oregon Rose Bowls in his lifetime.  This was Oregon's 3rd Rose Bowl in my lifetime and my first to attend.  Hubby and I hosted our two kids (#1 Son is a Sophomore at Oregon) to the game.
And......WHAT A GAME!

We stood for every single minute of play - We yelled "O"!!!  during every second of defense - When the fourth quarter clock was ticking down and we were leading on the score board, I went weak in the knees and burst into tears.

 (I know!  I've seen those fans on television do the same thing and thought, Gawd.  Who do they think they are?  They aren't even on the field getting pummeled and scoring the touchdowns... WHY ARE THEY CRYING?)  

And it felt good!  REALLY GOOD!!!

Cheers! GO DUCKS! (hoarsely)   Linda  :-)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Symmetrical Asymmetry

Do you see it?

Designed by Tracery Interiors via House Beautiful

Balance for me is in the asymmetry of design.  The balance for most of you (?) is in the symmetry.  Do you see it yet?

As I take more of my own photos, I realize how the photographer and the stager can create a great photo.  This one was obviously lined up so that the table and chairs are on center with the door jambs and ceiling light fixtures; and aaallll the way back to the "center line" made by the stairwell wall and the 3rd doorway.  You Symmetrical's L.O.V.E. this!

Now imagine why this picture also works for Asymmetric's (like me)?  YES!  It's the green items that form the triangle.  You may respond, "But this triangle is symmetric!"  (please note:  geometry was my favorite and most successful level of math - and with that said, I will admit that it has been ages since I needed to use it precisely.  Since we are all friends, be kind and just go with me here.)

"So where do you see the asymmetry Linda?"  The painting, leaves of the flowers and the painted cupboard are all different sizes, but the same color.  Do you see it now?  And do you find it liberating and creative?  Now maybe the room design POPS for you?  That is what asymmetry can do!

Before we go....please also appreciate the "slip cover look" upholstery on the chairs with the BIG nails. 

And, freshly painted white walls and trim in the front rooms with rough white paint in the stairwell area - maybe "asymmetrical paint texture"?

Happiest of New Years Wishes to You - Cheers!  Linda


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