Sunday, January 1, 2012

Symmetrical Asymmetry

Do you see it?

Designed by Tracery Interiors via House Beautiful

Balance for me is in the asymmetry of design.  The balance for most of you (?) is in the symmetry.  Do you see it yet?

As I take more of my own photos, I realize how the photographer and the stager can create a great photo.  This one was obviously lined up so that the table and chairs are on center with the door jambs and ceiling light fixtures; and aaallll the way back to the "center line" made by the stairwell wall and the 3rd doorway.  You Symmetrical's L.O.V.E. this!

Now imagine why this picture also works for Asymmetric's (like me)?  YES!  It's the green items that form the triangle.  You may respond, "But this triangle is symmetric!"  (please note:  geometry was my favorite and most successful level of math - and with that said, I will admit that it has been ages since I needed to use it precisely.  Since we are all friends, be kind and just go with me here.)

"So where do you see the asymmetry Linda?"  The painting, leaves of the flowers and the painted cupboard are all different sizes, but the same color.  Do you see it now?  And do you find it liberating and creative?  Now maybe the room design POPS for you?  That is what asymmetry can do!

Before we go....please also appreciate the "slip cover look" upholstery on the chairs with the BIG nails. 

And, freshly painted white walls and trim in the front rooms with rough white paint in the stairwell area - maybe "asymmetrical paint texture"?

Happiest of New Years Wishes to You - Cheers!  Linda

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  1. Linda, Great post! You are so right about this. I just added a new item to my bath and for some reason two other items with the same colors just all of a sudden popped and it all looks really good together. Guess that is kind of the triangle effect you are talking about. Love those chairs too!

    Thanks for the sweet note on my blog. I hope you had a good New Year's Day too! I don't have many followers yet, but I hope you will get more notice for your blog. You have one of the smartest ones out there.

    Take care!


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