Friday, January 13, 2012

Look What I Did...On Sale At Pottery Barn

Ooops!  After New Years Sale at Pottery Barn on line.....

Are you kidding me?!  This is as large as Pottery Barn will let me (or, I can figure out how to "get") copy their pictures.  Well, link here and see my new outdoor wicker pendant light cluster.

Let me try this again....
Pottery Barn Grove Wicker Pendant Lights

and again.....

Nope.  That's too small too.

No worries!  They are going to make a cozy cluster of light on our patio this summer.  I know, you who have been following our weather of mid 70's to 80 the last couple of weeks are surprised I mention waiting until summer.

YOU would HAVE to LIVE here to UNDERSTAND...we create seasons. (whether they exist or not)   Yes.  I know.  Weird.

Cheers!  Linda


  1. I love these, and was dreaming of having them in my imaginary beach house, but I'll just visit you patio instead!!

    1. Looking forward to having you! Please come for tea and stay for cocktails. Cheers!

  2. What a great tribute, and interesting and informative post this , I really impressed by your creativity . Good work keep it up man.

    1. Are you in Australia?

      I am always trying to figure how readers are finding me and why certain posts are read. Please let me know how you happened to "surf" in my direction!

      Hope you have time to come back and read other posts - I look forward to hearing from you again. :-)



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