Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Anonymous Thank You....

Well someone went into the Living Room on Thanksgiving.  And they left me this......

Design In My View photography
                                       A domino cascade love note!  Thank you dear guest!

Yes.  The floor is concrete with carpet glue stains and original painters' spills.  It looks great when wet (though mopping is rarely necessary).  And fits in with my "Industrial Chic" spin on the French, So Cal Beach, 1976 Neighborhood look I have going...

Our carpet is from ABC Carpet & Home.  We happened to be in NYC five years ago (my 39th 45th birthday trip) during their Mansion Carpet sale!  Wow, Mansion!  We I insisted we search through a 4 ft high stack of 12' X 15' carpets looking for just the right one.

Husband was concerned that the sales woman (Fiona are you still there?  She's wonderful!) and her 3 assistants may be upset if I (correction HE) decided not to purchase a carpet that day.  (yeah. Wishful Thinking!)  I narrowed it to two options.  The other was much more "the look" today - washed out beigey linen (if I am remembering correctly).  If choosing alone I may have brought that one home.  Hubby chose this one, and I love it!  And in 50 years or so when faded washed colors are back for a 3rd time it will be perfect!

My shoes, you ask?  Adidas Y-3 this past Spring.  Walking briskly down Greene St in SoHo I glanced at them through the window and screeched to an abrupt about face.  And in less than 25 minutes they were mine!  oh happy day  :-)         

Cheers!  Linda

Monday, November 28, 2011

Post Thanksgiving Post

We were honored to host this year because "all Hell broke loose".

A bit of explanation:  Our core four have always travelled to Oregon and Washington visiting old (you know who you are) friends and family (my side - sorry, we missed seeing you too).  This year we decided early to stay in town, which opened our door (happily, really) to his side.

(during all this He and I agreed, since we are counting 27 years the "his" & "hers"will change to ours)

The primary (ie: hosts all gatherings) Sister-In-Law and her brood flew out of the country, and the remaining were then our special guests.  Yipee!  We could use our "stuff" and clean up the house for a purpose.  ('cause we don't keep get it guest perfect for ourselves)

original photos all by Linda Peterson

Living Room
                                                                          No one used!             

Buffet in the kitchen - Yum!

The Real Turkey - FABULOUS!
Daughter's First attempt at yeast rolls!   atta Girl!
Our television room transformed to dining room.
Table far from complete, but I was not able to come back for more photos.  The mini apples were spread out along the center of the table, mixed nuts in shells are added to the hurricanes, waay more crystal glasses, and most importantly the guests!        

Very talented Daughter baked cookies!

       This is a close up of our table decor - love the washed burlap cloth!   I preserved the neighbors tree leaves with water and glycerin.   (note: lots of pies left over when the center piece is edible)

Mini apple as place card - sooo cute!
       Hoping you are looking forward to my photography skills advancing as much as I !!  How impressed I am that I can get photos into my post.   ;-)     

We all exclaimed how Thankful we were to be together enjoying such an elaborate feast, on such a beautiful day, with love in our hearts for those missing from our table.

Wishing my readers a happy beginning to this joyful time of year.  Cheers!  Linda 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I found my words in someone else's article

Originally posted on October 3, 2011.  (I attempted to add links and when "reposting" it changed to todays date and I don't know how to change it baaaack.)  A repeat to you maybe, but new to most who find it today!    Enjoy, Linda   ;-)

Thank you Slim Paley!  Your article in The Huffington Post is my solution/explanation for today's entry.

Our family has been off line, mostly, for another week and never "on" when I had the time to learn a bit more about how all this works.  Note: still no pictures - which is driving me Nutz!
We were lucky to travel to a 50th Birthday Party Theme 1961.  My favorite costumes were from the "future" vintage 1969.   I may, seriously, start wearing false eyelashes.   And have considered (briefly) hair spray on occasion since "gluing" my party "Do".  (It would be so great to show you pictures - HERE)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Chandelier Candles of Differing Heights

Outside Downtown French Bird Cage Chandelier

Look at this!  Such an easy change to any 'ol chandelier or sconce.  May only look right with three or more candles.  A multi-tiered fixture would be over the top dramatic.  Keep in mind that it should look like some candles have burned longer than others - I think it really works!

Oh! Of course, I see that the bird cage is amazing...tell me if you choose to be the next owner.  Would love to feature a photo of your space and this chandelier.

Add 1st Dibs to your favorites list for researching styles in furniture and fashion.  While broadening your knowledge of designers and dealers reading the articles in their Introspective Magazine.  Must go now...

The brine for the (real) Turkey is nearly cooled and needs to go into the fridge.  Hubby's practice Turkey on the Weber was perfect.  A golden mahogany color worthy of a Martha Stewart cover story!  He is now much more relaxed about Thursday.  Brine recipe here.

Cheers!  Linda

Monday, November 21, 2011

Dining Room Changes To Billiards Room - nah, Pool Room

Peterson Family original photo
Our first tour of our new home nearly eight years ago.  Furniture is still previous owners.  Your back is toward the living room and directly to the left is the entrance to the kitchen.

original photo by Linda Peterson

My Industrial Chic concrete floors still have not changed although, this picture is "in progress".  Salvaged doors are mahogany from Mexico via Whim in San Juan Capistrano, CA.  Pool table was found, by me, on Craigs List.  Henredon dining chair fararrr right corner is a set of 6 found in a resale store in Seattle, WA before we moved.

original photo by Linda Peterson
Remodel last Spring in progress: new doors (the largest side lights eva'), kraft paper on Sundance Catalog lights to protect from paint, mirror made from salvaged copper and barn wood found in Santa Barbara, CA over 10 years ago (sorry can't recall the store or artist).

original photo by Linda Peterson

Poor lighting worse angle, but it is an available picture and I want to share NOW!  Dunn Edwards "Mesa Tan" on the walls, grey blue trim also Dunn Edwards (ask me if you need it).  Pottery Barn Peyton drapes in oatmeal.  The transom detail was fabricated by a local artist cum finish carpenter.  He has also done our living room fireplace and wood moulding details I will feature later.

I look forward to making more time to stage and properly photograph our rooms - will use these as my "before" staging images!

Looks like the turkey stock (made from tonight's "practice Turkey") is ready to chill and I am off to sleep.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all - Cheers!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Habitat or Landscape?

original photo by Linda Peterson

Both!  Our landscape is natures habitat and we need to consider the health of all creatures in our control.

Please do not use any pesticides!  Beautiful song birds and beneficial honey bees can be killed.  Consider the food chain before you bait for mice and rats.  If a mouse or rat have been poisoned by you, they will in turn poison the owl, hawk or crow that eats them.

Did you know that if you plan your garden design using native plant species the creatures will live in balance with each other?  And you'll need to use less water!

Check these out: Restoring The Landscape, Gardener Susan, & Sustainable Garden
Search for help in your area using key words as "Sustainable", "Organic" and "Native".

Cheers!  Linda

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Master Bath Remodel - Before And After

Peterson Family photo
          Master Bath 7 years ago when I first laid eyes on our new house.  Notice my wheels turning?
The shower is hiding behind the shelving.   Note the tub (left) and toilet (right) are reflected in the mirror.

Linda Peterson photo
First view extreme left.  The double height towel racks bother me too.  Looking forward to stage II when  we will afford heated towel bars.

Linda Peterson photo

(Using "as is" photo sorry.)   We now have a toilet closet with a pocket door and the shower is enormous!
And I designed the space myself, with the talented assistance of a carpenter who listened and executed most of my desires (turns out I can't afford to build to zero tolerances).  He has an expression now, "There is the usual way.  And then there's Linda's way."

That's why I call this, "Design In My View".   Cheers!  

Motto, Thought For The Day, Mantra....?

I have only just scanned this issue of Architectural Digest but have written and used this statement twice today.  This may be just clear and simple enough for me to recall when I need to remember, "all this, and heaven as well".  Brings a smile to my face.

Scanning a new magazine I go through them back to front and fold down corners on pages that I find something I like.  Second time I pick the mag up I go through front to back and read some of the articles. Third time through I have a pen ready to circle article content and make comments on photo details I want to resource later - I also complete reading all articles.  Fourth time - I tear pages and make unruly stacks which can be found in boxes under the stairwell.  They wait in this limbo until I return to put them into plastic pages and 3 ring binders, which are in the book case ready for my next project.

Wish the online magazines were so time consuming and satisfying!  :-)  Linda

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Late Night Web Surfing Goes Something Like This....

Last night checking out One Kings Lane  I shopped the sale from Lost Art Salon and then "caught the wave" to their site.  See what I love....

4789- Janet Richards, 1963, Charcoal on Paper, "Charles Richards", 19"x12.5", $355

Janet (assuming) arranged a lovely interior, and Charles followed her rule to remove his shoes before placing his feet upon the ottoman.  There may have been brief conversation between them that had begun during dinner.  Then Charles said kindly, "You can draw me, but I need to concentrate on these business papers."

Now that I practically know The Richards I really want that drawing.

Definitely, looking forward to our next trip to San Francisco and spending a couple of hours lost in Lost Art Salon.  
Off to paint the sheet rock repairs in the front entry - Cheers!  Linda

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Front Of Our Home - Before and After

Wishing I had a photo of the original "Dynasty" era (reference the television show) paneled double width front door.  That lamp post had three gargole heads - the light globes hung from their chins.

Door (salvaged from Olde Good Things) partially refinished.  Some lighting replaced.  The XL acorn sculpture (far right) sits where the lamp post had been.

New paint, light, slate on landing continues into foyer, shutters removed.  Not done, done but waay better!

Next step is to maybe wood "stain" the metal garage doors (note: removed the fan shaped mullions) and add some iron work or shutters to the windows.  My inspiration:  The Provencal House - Architecture and Interiors
The driveway needs some attention too....ideas?

Hey you!  These are all Linda Peterson's original photos.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The West Coast of Our United States

Interpreted by Daughter (a few years ago) using a ball chain necklace....




Her cleverness continues as she is taking us to her National Honor Society Induction Ceremony tomorrow night.  We are so very proud!  XO, Linda

P.S. Designer friends please note: carpet has been removed/replaced since.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Media Room Solution....Keeping The Family Together

Is your reality the same as mine?  Everyone is plugged in, wi-fied, and texting in separate areas of the house, and I hate that in order to see my cherished, I wander room to room for visits!

This is (or, could be) the solution.  Maybe not matching screens in this first phase of facing reality - just gather all your existing screens into one room and BE with each other.

Not exactly the family game night we are each supposed to look forward to once a week.  But, togetherness on a level like when my daughter gets into the car after school and texts the whole way home.  I enjoy asking, "Now who are WE talking to?"  I may not get to hear her side of the conversation as my parents did when we took all our calls on the kitchen telephone.  Mom and Dad could overhear our social plans and homework worries and then respond, or simply absorb for later.  (They were very good parents.)

Big game tonight in our home University of Oregon (GO DUCKS!!) vs U of WA Huskeys.  Only one very big screen needed.  Though, daughter will have her phone and I-pad in her lap.  Just in case.

Enjoy!  Linda

See more of this home in Architectural Digest December 2011

Three of My Favorite Things In One Room

  • Mitered stripe on pillows created from striped curtain fabric (or similar) 
  • Built in bed and storage
  • Dog silhouette - XL scale
Least favorite thing in this room.....That light fixture in the beam!  Other solutions are a goose neck style mounted just above or within the cabinetry,  a hanging fixture dropping just the other side and below the beam,  even simple can lights way up high are better.  

First thing I will copy is definitely the dog silhouette.  I have just gathered the kids and my silhouettes from what, first grade (?) and have them at the framer - oh! - there is one of hubby from a Disneyland trip I need to frame too.  hmm.  Maybe get that done before the extra large one of the dog.  

One more thing.  A built in bed is very difficult to make with all the sheet and blanket layers.  Growing up, we had friends with three boys who shared a room with custom bunks.  Use a bottom sheet and a duvet in an envelope style case made from matching sheets.  Once Mom has the bottom sheet tucked in, a young child can make a duvet look "made up" - easy!

Happy Weekend,  Linda

Hoping I have remembered correctly - this photo is from

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Texture, Color, Size...Wha' Happened To Function?

I picked this from Habitually Chic today.  I concur about Bunny Williams' design esthetic and I am sure that she is a terrific gal (trusting that Heather is one too so she'd know) but, this side table is one miscalculated peripheral vision accident waiting to happen.

Imagine the cuppa tea or (heavens!) cocktail sliding off the waterfall edge onto (what carpet could I afford if I can purchase this table?) the precious floor covering below.  LOVE the texture (wood or leather?).  Must appreciate the warm color.  The size is versatile for most rooms.  Just hope it is strong enough to use as a stool as that is what I would recommend.  Unless.  You know you would ALWAYS look before setting your beverage of choice upon this precariously designed side table.

Maybe it's just me...I rarely look.  A matter of trust.  Drink up!  Linda

Better yet:  Choose the cluster of side tables as cocktail (or coffee) table seen in the background.


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