Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Master Bath Remodel - Before And After

Peterson Family photo
          Master Bath 7 years ago when I first laid eyes on our new house.  Notice my wheels turning?
The shower is hiding behind the shelving.   Note the tub (left) and toilet (right) are reflected in the mirror.

Linda Peterson photo
First view extreme left.  The double height towel racks bother me too.  Looking forward to stage II when  we will afford heated towel bars.

Linda Peterson photo

(Using "as is" photo sorry.)   We now have a toilet closet with a pocket door and the shower is enormous!
And I designed the space myself, with the talented assistance of a carpenter who listened and executed most of my desires (turns out I can't afford to build to zero tolerances).  He has an expression now, "There is the usual way.  And then there's Linda's way."

That's why I call this, "Design In My View".   Cheers!  

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  1. That bathroom look so neat and the floors make it look more amazing. I do think that this kind of bathroom design is what I want to do in my bathroom.
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