Monday, November 28, 2011

Post Thanksgiving Post

We were honored to host this year because "all Hell broke loose".

A bit of explanation:  Our core four have always travelled to Oregon and Washington visiting old (you know who you are) friends and family (my side - sorry, we missed seeing you too).  This year we decided early to stay in town, which opened our door (happily, really) to his side.

(during all this He and I agreed, since we are counting 27 years the "his" & "hers"will change to ours)

The primary (ie: hosts all gatherings) Sister-In-Law and her brood flew out of the country, and the remaining were then our special guests.  Yipee!  We could use our "stuff" and clean up the house for a purpose.  ('cause we don't keep get it guest perfect for ourselves)

original photos all by Linda Peterson

Living Room
                                                                          No one used!             

Buffet in the kitchen - Yum!

The Real Turkey - FABULOUS!
Daughter's First attempt at yeast rolls!   atta Girl!
Our television room transformed to dining room.
Table far from complete, but I was not able to come back for more photos.  The mini apples were spread out along the center of the table, mixed nuts in shells are added to the hurricanes, waay more crystal glasses, and most importantly the guests!        

Very talented Daughter baked cookies!

       This is a close up of our table decor - love the washed burlap cloth!   I preserved the neighbors tree leaves with water and glycerin.   (note: lots of pies left over when the center piece is edible)

Mini apple as place card - sooo cute!
       Hoping you are looking forward to my photography skills advancing as much as I !!  How impressed I am that I can get photos into my post.   ;-)     

We all exclaimed how Thankful we were to be together enjoying such an elaborate feast, on such a beautiful day, with love in our hearts for those missing from our table.

Wishing my readers a happy beginning to this joyful time of year.  Cheers!  Linda 

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