Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Late Night Web Surfing Goes Something Like This....

Last night checking out One Kings Lane  I shopped the sale from Lost Art Salon and then "caught the wave" to their site.  See what I love....

4789- Janet Richards, 1963, Charcoal on Paper, "Charles Richards", 19"x12.5", $355

Janet (assuming) arranged a lovely interior, and Charles followed her rule to remove his shoes before placing his feet upon the ottoman.  There may have been brief conversation between them that had begun during dinner.  Then Charles said kindly, "You can draw me, but I need to concentrate on these business papers."

Now that I practically know The Richards I really want that drawing.

Definitely, looking forward to our next trip to San Francisco and spending a couple of hours lost in Lost Art Salon.  
Off to paint the sheet rock repairs in the front entry - Cheers!  Linda

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