Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Anonymous Thank You....

Well someone went into the Living Room on Thanksgiving.  And they left me this......

Design In My View photography
                                       A domino cascade love note!  Thank you dear guest!

Yes.  The floor is concrete with carpet glue stains and original painters' spills.  It looks great when wet (though mopping is rarely necessary).  And fits in with my "Industrial Chic" spin on the French, So Cal Beach, 1976 Neighborhood look I have going...

Our carpet is from ABC Carpet & Home.  We happened to be in NYC five years ago (my 39th 45th birthday trip) during their Mansion Carpet sale!  Wow, Mansion!  We I insisted we search through a 4 ft high stack of 12' X 15' carpets looking for just the right one.

Husband was concerned that the sales woman (Fiona are you still there?  She's wonderful!) and her 3 assistants may be upset if I (correction HE) decided not to purchase a carpet that day.  (yeah. Wishful Thinking!)  I narrowed it to two options.  The other was much more "the look" today - washed out beigey linen (if I am remembering correctly).  If choosing alone I may have brought that one home.  Hubby chose this one, and I love it!  And in 50 years or so when faded washed colors are back for a 3rd time it will be perfect!

My shoes, you ask?  Adidas Y-3 this past Spring.  Walking briskly down Greene St in SoHo I glanced at them through the window and screeched to an abrupt about face.  And in less than 25 minutes they were mine!  oh happy day  :-)         

Cheers!  Linda

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  1. Well, ya gotta love a domino THANK YOU...At first glance, I thought it was a mosaic. Great inspiration make a mosaic using domino's. Great game, but even better when you use those domino's 'outside the box' in different ways. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog too. Lynne xx


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Cheers! Linda


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