Saturday, November 5, 2011

Media Room Solution....Keeping The Family Together

Is your reality the same as mine?  Everyone is plugged in, wi-fied, and texting in separate areas of the house, and I hate that in order to see my cherished, I wander room to room for visits!

This is (or, could be) the solution.  Maybe not matching screens in this first phase of facing reality - just gather all your existing screens into one room and BE with each other.

Not exactly the family game night we are each supposed to look forward to once a week.  But, togetherness on a level like when my daughter gets into the car after school and texts the whole way home.  I enjoy asking, "Now who are WE talking to?"  I may not get to hear her side of the conversation as my parents did when we took all our calls on the kitchen telephone.  Mom and Dad could overhear our social plans and homework worries and then respond, or simply absorb for later.  (They were very good parents.)

Big game tonight in our home University of Oregon (GO DUCKS!!) vs U of WA Huskeys.  Only one very big screen needed.  Though, daughter will have her phone and I-pad in her lap.  Just in case.

Enjoy!  Linda

See more of this home in Architectural Digest December 2011

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