Monday, July 23, 2012

Yayoi Kusama, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Whitney Museum

original photo by Design In My View

I spotted a mention in July/August Elle Decor of Yayoi Kusama and her recent collaborations with....

Louis Vuitton Pop-Up-Shop

Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton will spend the summer building and dismantling 7 Pop-Up-Shops in or near LV stores world wide.

Beginning July 10 in New York City's SoHo neighborhood and ending August 24 at Selfridges in London.

If you are so lucky to shop in a LV Pop-Up look for silk pj's, trench coats, necklaces and bags.

October 1st will begin the launch of leather accessories embossed with Kusama's tentacle like "nerves" motif.

South Coast Plaza in Orange County, California (city of Costa Mesa)
the Louis Vuitton store looks like .......

original photo by Design In My View

original photo by Design In My View

original photo by Design In My View

I didn't venture in, as I felt that the Doorman Guard was about to ask me not to take photos.

And if I went in, I would want to take more.

Then a small child walking quickly by one of the tentacles, reached out brushing it with his hand - nearly tipping it.  Hubby and the Guard exchanged "friendly hand motions and smiles" agreeing (in their no words conversation) that a domino effect was nearly set into motion!  (phew, could have been me!)

Thanks to my unwitting Partner in crime!  His friendship "bought me" some time to take these "stolen" images. 

A review ...
you saw this in my first Kusama post
Did you imagine its scale?
my computer screen "capture"         
The "at home" version....

seen at the Meier Gallery in Miami Beach circa 2007                     via

and the pumpkin charm,
 from the YL jewelry collection 
These are driving me completely MAD!  ... HERE 

Elle Decor Magazine

my photo of July/August Elle Decor magazine

Check out the entire collection HERE
Do NOT pass GO, do not collect $200.  Just go.  Just see.  Just.... 

my computer screen image                                      via

Whitney Museum of American Art, New York 
is beginning their Kusama retrospective July 12 
(through September 30)

Organized in collaboration with Tate Modern, London and supported by Louis Vuitton this is another show of Yayoi Kusama's world wide acceptance, example of perfectly designed advertisement/product placement, and an event I would (DIE, L.O.V.E., Jump Through Hoops, Bend Over Backwards,.....) do most anything to see in person!

Just a Taste

"Accumulation" 1963
sewn & stuffed fabric, wood chair frame, paint
Whitney Museum of American Art, NY purchase 2001
photo by Tom Powel

"A Flower" 1952
ink on paper  10 5/8" x 7 3/8"
collection of the artist
"Self-Obliteration" 1968
collage with gouache & ink on paper
18 1/8" x 11"
collection of the artist

My fascination (which spell check stopped me from spelling "fashionation") with Yayoi Kusama continues.  I can only hope that you enjoy discovering her with me again!

Cheers!  Linda   :-)


  1. That charm is gorgeous. Wish I could shop at LV! Enjoyed this. I'll have to check out our Louis store. It's under construction right now. They do some neat things.


    1. Oh I KNOW! We would be like Rodney Dangerfield and Joe Pesci in "Easy Money" and "just browse".

      Watch it here for a great laugh!
      (The scene is at the 1:20 mark)

      Happy Summer!


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