Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 4th Oregon Coast - Chapter One

Day One, Monday

Started with daughter and I driving from Portland to Mom's house near Manzanita, Oregon.  After dropping Son off to his sweeties parent's house and Hubby to golf his dream course, we travelled the long way (daughter pointedly pointed out) as I needed to stop at my favorite shop (plant nursery, gift, coffee and cool stuff) in Clatskanie, Oregon.

Look what I found!

Grapevine sphere nearly 4 feet in diameter.
Good thing we had the rental upgraded to a mini SUV !

Thought about shipping it home, but it's too perfect here.

Sister's Family Dog

Here Milo!

Day Two

Onto the beach for kids (six family's represented) sand sculpture "contest" - no prizes, just FUN!

Approaching the sculpture garden
Castle Creation #1 
Castle Creation #1  Protective Wall


Flower (before)

Flower Embellished 

Castle Creation #2   arial view

Castle #2   arial view with details added

Castle #2   Entry


Looking back from the water.....

To the South
To the East (ish)

A bit more East-ish

To the North

Day two turns out to be one with lots of activities, so we'll take a break here.  More to follow!

Cheers!   Linda   :-)

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