Monday, July 9, 2012

Eggshells and Limes

I have exhausted my collection of attractive clear containers.  Maybe it's time to start my eggshell veneer project.  Anyone know how to start?

Look !  The topiary is green again!
Design In My View

Limes Outside ......
Design In My View

Limes Inside .......
Design In My Slightly Out of Focus View

Slim Paley has a post all about the wonders of coconut and asks what is the readers favorite way to consume its lusciousness.  My answer is pictured above, in the form of Gelson's dark chocolate dipped macaroons.  

I had one during the photography session (for breakfast).  The last three were inhaled by someone who was not heard to say, "Yum. Do we have more?"

Cheers!  Linda    :-)


  1. Linda, Your table is so pretty. Love the limes and the cloth. Where did you get that? I love English toast holders. Aren't they the best? The mix of the pretty pottery and all of this is perfect. I am a fan of macaroons too!


    1. Kim! Welcome back from your wonderful Western road trip - missed you!

      The cloth was from our July 4th Oregon coast trip last year - it is marked Pomegranate Inc. I like it so much I have begun a new rule - NO mail and crap on the table!

      Now the mail and crap are in a basket on the floor. :-)

    2. Toast holder? That is a bill holder, not mail...bills to be paid. Silly old world people...

    3. Kim - I'd like you to meet my Seastor. She's playing the role of "Someone".

      Seastor, I'd like you to meet my dearest Blogland friend Kim. She holds the title of "Most Frequent and Supportive Commenter".

      Now we all have a good laugh! :-)

  2. Linda, thank you so much for your thoughtful comments about my blog. It totally made my day! :) I love the idea you have to put a large, colorful frame around my Frida artwork. I will have to keep an eye out for the perfect one!

    I'm so happy to have learned of another blogger who is interested in interior design and the like! I can't wait to read more of your blog but for now, I LOVE that last photo of the bowl of limes on the table! You appear to enjoy antiques - is this true? Because, me too! I want to see more pics of those chairs pictured in the photo and more of your china! :) Total eye candy! Haha.

    Can't wait to read more posts, have a fantastic weekend!


    1. Hey hey! Thanks back at you! :-)

      Those chairs are Henredon from a consignment store in downtown Seattle 9ish years ago. It was priced as a set but we did not want the table. As it turns out the store was happy to break up the set. To our benefit, chairs are harder to sell than tables!


  3. That's interesting to know that chairs are harder to sell! I love them - great find!


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