Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm Do'in It! - Eggshell Veneer

Just you watch me!

As seen in Architectural Digest April 2012 Artisan column

I just hope that I don't need to get my garage as organized as Eric Chapeau's shop (seen above) before I can begin!

Here's my eggshell stash after day 3 of saving....  (saving $400 a square foot of finished veneer - as if, I could hire Eric's crew)

My goal is to "eggshell" decoupage a board to fit behind this....

Steuben dish, Crate & Barrel bowl, vintage ball from the same antiques store as the marble lamp.

.....measuring 26" by 32".  I wonder how many shells I will need?  (How many square feet is that?) Will I have the patience to wait and save the number it will take to finish?

If I had the board, the other supplies (what are they again?) (oh!  I have an x-acto knife!) and all the eggshells, I know I could "knock this out".  I love detail work.  Really.  Love it!

Where do I find an artists assistant?  You know, the gatherer of supplies.  The garage art space organizer.  The cut to size board "cutterer".  ("oh sweet Daughter?"  "hell-lou Hubby?")

The article mentions that the shells are mounted to paper first and then applied to the wall panel or you think I would have to do that? (or just apply them directly to the board?)  (I want to fit it into the back of my bookcase not attach it permanently.) 

OK.  This project of mine is open to suggestions and advice (especially if you really know what your talking about!)

Thank you  :-)

Cheers!  Linda


  1. i'm intrigued! i know this is an older post, saw it on your sideboard. Did you complete the project?

    1. Anne, I too am intrigued by this project! And after collecting what looked like MORE than enough eggshells in tall glass containers on my kitchen counter. We had company coming and I knew if I stashed the shells in the project area of the garage I would never see them again.... I tossed 'em.

      WE eat lots of eggs. It won't take long to collect another batch. And in the mean time I need to discover directions in how-to eggshell veneer!

      Any ideas? :-)

  2. Hey sorry Im so late. hope you started on it. I did a wooden light switch for my girlfriend. I did it directly to the wood and then put glue after and sanded it. I wanna so some more cause people really liked it...


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