Sunday, March 18, 2012

Long Beach Flea Market Sunday

My trip to Long Beach for February's Flea Market was fun?  Well, it ended up that way....

Kidnapped Daughter to go with me.  I had driven to LAX for a rendezvous transfer of Daughter from her Aunties car filled with still slumbering party goers (niece and her gal pals from Santa Barbara) after celebrating Daughter's 16th Birthday.  How else do you "come down" from a day and night "all about YOU" filled with giggles, Universal Studio (including the skydiving ride/lesson), wonderful gifts, card games & movies until the wee hours?

Well, I came up with it - surprise stop at the Flea Market!

"Whaa  The?!" "Mommm, no.  please, I'm tired!"

And boy did I work sell it.... "But I'm right here!  How can you ask me to just drive straight home?!  You'll see some great things - not just stuff I like!  You've never been to a Flea Market!  Get out of the car - I'm NOT leaving you here!"

And then her suffering began....

(Detail of above photo)  In the background you can see the selection from this dealer.

Apologies to blogger friends who would love to know how much $ this was, I should have you on speed dial/text messaging - we'll figure out shipping later!

Giant agricultural fan - screaming to be a garden ornament or industrial design detail on one of those  "fantastic" architecturally well thought out SoCal 22 ft walls.

Nearly 5ft tall!  $1500 (asking)  If we were not needing to replace fencing and pool tiles...  would have been perfect on our bedroom wall facing the end of our bed, just dipping behind the small flat screen TV on a low grey... (yada yada yada - see it below)

Observation of Daughter at this point is, "This place goes on forever. (that's bad?) We will never get though it if you keep stopping to take pictures!" (again. that's bad? I need to share these!)

This brass knocker made us both laugh - lion or orangutang?  (should have taken a side view shot - that nose!)

Heavy Iron knocker with good sound,  $55.  (why sound is important, here)

Flea market items when your this close to USA's southern border - great color!

Brass belt buckles $5 each or 5 for $20 - we made a deal on 2 for $8. (this impressed Daughter!)

"Look Daughter!  A possible MOB dress!"  (our family acronym for Mother Of the Bride)  Or bridesmaid, that back detail - pleats with a cut out.   Fabu!

Now for one of those dealers who put together a boutique shopping experience.  Her style is industrial with tattered custom linen and burlap upholstery - really L.O.V.E.

She had a pair of these, linen w/upholstery tack trim....check out the table too!
Pieced linen with big nail trim - cozy barrel shape

Sloppy flat styled welt trim - pieced linen and burlap
"MOM!  I am sooo hungry! Can we please go home?!"  (I just knew items like this were going to weaken her interest..)

"OK.  We'll just finish this area." (I waive my hand in the direction of 4 more aisles - kinda in the direction of the exit)

cute sunny bar cart
.... and I assign her to be the photographer as we rush through (confession, I'm quite hungry too)
Very tall, good curves

Carved and Gilded head board - good "transitional" style 

Ok, this could become almost anything!  Mantel, over door detail, behind a custom sofa - I just remember that it's price seemed very reasonable for what is was and how much it would cost to replicate.  (Where would you even start to find an artist to do this for you?)

Two belt buckles, stone knob set, Daughter's #33 tag necklace

Our Loot!  

$20 original oil on canvas - Oregon Coast view from North of Cannon Beach
Woo Hoo - Score!  All hauled around in my Splendid Market tote bag blogger Emily sent to me as a prize/gift in December.  I made certain that her logo was in plain view - hoping someone would notice.    :-)

Today is March's Long Beach Flea Market and we are sitting this one out as the weather has poured rain, hammered hail and sun breaks rarely.  See you there in April!

Cheers!  Linda

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  1. Linda, What a neat flea market! Wish I could have gone too. You have a great eye. I love all you found. That painting was such a good deal! Dragging kids can be hard! I bribe my youngest with churros at the flea around here!



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