Monday, December 19, 2011

Thanksgiving To Christmas - Presto Change O!

Just like magic!  And days (and days...) of the Holiday "prop closet" barf all over the entry and living room.  Here are the photos to prove the season has changed in our little corner of our little world - Enjoy!

Super Silver spray paint and "weeds".  Nah, eucalyptus berries, pine cones and hydrangea

"Vintage" Pottery Barn faux bay leaf garland and Santa Photo wall (hopefully, one more to add this year).  My two favorites are when each adorable child about a year old cried with Santa - yeah their pain, my joy!

Upstairs landing with Santa, Snowman and tree collections.

Yep!  I trade out the everyday dishes....I am that great!

Living room looking back towards the entry way (or, foyer if you are inclined - or does it depend on the area of the country you live?).

The slight reflection on the mantel...touch up paint in the wrong sheen.  New Years resolution #1.  Ok, at least in the top 10 of painting "to do's" for 2012.

I had sooo much fun (like a contented cat) the other night.  I lit the fire, all the candles and curled up on the sofa with my new design books (see my post).  Heaven!

This is the ribbon in addition to the burlap ribbon I chose to "tie"my decor theme together.  Unlike a fellow blogger Slim Paley who found her silk ribbon inspiration in Germany,  I fell for a on sale, cotton grosgrain at Michaels!  

Birdie in a feathered nest, "vintage" Pottery Barn wreath.  The birdies are repeated on the tree branches.

Kitchen "mantel".  Yes, that is yet to be painted pine on the ceiling and bare sheet rock walls, with primer ceiling.  Didn't you LOVE 30 Something (old tv show) as much as I did?  

Shhh.  I saw the 20 year old snatch one of these "childhood" Christmas story books away (for his turn) from the 15 year old, who was thoroughly enjoying herself!  

Ok.  That's it.  Even I can tell when the friends gathered to view the vacation photos are itching to have a break leave.  Best Holiday Wishes to All!  And to All a Good Night!

Cheers!  Linda

Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's a 1st Dibs Christmas!

Under $1000 - 1st Dibs (dot com)    Click on photo captions to link directly to the listing.

Vintage Sled

Toy Boat

1930's Tricycle

Come Fly With Me Airplane

Childs Rocker Horse Design

English 1920 Train
1840 American Doll Bed
Child's Tiffany Sterling Lovebird Pattern 1910
This is just a sampling of my favorites - Hope you found something you've been looking for to give or collect!

Cheers!   Linda 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wintery Cocktail!

Martha Stewart has scored my vote for 2011's best Wintery cocktail!
TV Chef Thomas Joseph created this drink with Michter's bourbon

Cider-Bourbon Cocktail
Ingredients - serves 2

3/4 cup   apple cider (I use Martinelli's - cute bottle)
1/3 cup    bourbon (I use Makers Mark - it's in the cupboard!)
2 T      fresh squeezed lemon juice 
         2   (2 1/2 inch long)    thin slices fresh peeled ginger
2 thin slices lady apple, for garnish (I skip this...time management)


Fill cocktail shaker with ice.
Add cider, bourbon, lemon juice and ginger.
Shake (the shaker) to combine.
Strain into 2 coupes (any glass style would do).
Garnish with apple slice (
if you like)
And get ready to shake make (it with one) another - yum (& yeah!) !

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Veranda Magazine Meets Essie Nail Polish

I always request that clients show me their favorite clothing (wether they always wear the item or never have worn it - it's their favorite for a reason).  I have seen many articles where the designer creates a room decor from an ensemble.  Maybe you have too?

This room has amazing color!  I was nail polish shopping today and thought I had seen these in the Essie line.  I may add,  "Show me your nail polish collection!"

Veranda Magazine Sept 2011 via Shelter Interior Design Blogspot


Chairs and Ceiling
Chandelier and Fireplace

Heaven!  I can imagine this with yellow flowers in the spring, pink flowers in the summer, silver and a touch of red at Christmas.

Lets all paint something - Cheers!  Linda 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Decor Part One

Please have patience with the tree on its side.  Maybe "you who requested this post" could just turn your
 i-Phone to view it up-right.  Without complaint.  Kindness, especially this time of year, is always appreciated.  

photo by Design In My View
Thank you to Daughter for these photos today.  A new camera purchased with hard earned Nanny money and she is overjoyed to assist!

Look closely for the twinkle of vintage tinsel "rain".  This is Hubby's childhood memory of his family Christmas tree.  Five children in the 1970's could cover a 6 ft tree in tinsel in seconds - as they tossed it by the handful!  It takes one middle aged artist/designer with a perfectly normal case of O.C.D. gently placing each strand evenly over an 8 foot tree - three hours!
Hubby's reaction was not joyous or child-wide-eyed enough for me to undertake removing each strand carefully and packing it away again.  Last year.  (I'll miss it.  Very pretty!)

photo Design In My View
I love everything about Christmas.  

This year I am greatly distracted by my excitement for The Rose Bowl on January 2nd.  Our Oregon Ducks (The University of Oregon is in Eugene.) are facing Wisconsin Badgers (University of Wisconsin in Madison or Milwaukee?).  This is Oregon's 6th Rose Bowl since 1917.  The first, and last, Rose Bowl win.  So excited, it feels like when you were little and wondered when and if Christmas morning would ever come! 

Daughter may feel the same way.... this is an ornament my parents purchased to commemorate their trip to the 1995 Rose Bowl.  Mom gave it to #1 Son (Dad's namesake) for his 12th Birthday (he's 20 today!).  My Dad passed on his passion for Duck Football to us all - so much passion that even when "we" lose we are still Big Fans!

CHEERS!  GO Ducks!  Linda

Monday, December 12, 2011

Decorating With Words

You know the fun phrases, inspirational quotes and entire or partial industrial signs right?  Good - no time to find images...

Except this one -

Found in Napa Style
CAUTION!  You must purchase more than one set of these letters.  Napa Style does not protect you from making this mistake as the letters are sold individually.  Do not save on your budget by ordering just one HO.  

The holidays are all about excess, so go fo' 3 HO!  

Cheers!  Linda

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pasadena Rose Parade Float Decorating

Thanks to my National Honor Society Daughter volunteering me to drive a carload of her fellow NHS members to Pasadena yesterday - I also was able to decorate a very small area of one very large and detailed parade float.

We have grown up grew up watching the Rose Parade on television every New Years Day. I never dreamed, of one day having the opportunity to decorate one of those beautiful floats.  Have you ever dumped pails of poppy seeds or white lettuce seeds into your hand and carefully pressed each palm full onto a curved surface of white glue?  In addition, have you ever attempted to apply gloppy white glue with a gloppier brush to a detailed painted design?  Well, you may have never fully lived until you do so continually (OK, with a lunch break) for 6 hours with a friendly group of teenagers, their coach and two Moms "who drive".

Flower cutting tables - City of Hope float in the background

White glue and lettuce seed application....

DNA spiral gets poppy seeded

After dried flower heads are snipped, they get bagged and then sent to the blender for chopping.

My area of expertise was the three tiered fountain on the float for City of Hope a Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The "fountain crew" fresh and eager to begin!

This was a "by chance" match up with the City of Hope float.  Daughter and I spent the entire day thinking of our "Grams" (my mother in law) who was a success story and patient at City of Hope until September 2010 when she passed from liver cancer.  Yes, I did say success story.  You see, she lived nearly 6 years after her diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer in her liver (never having had any cancer before).  Originally, when her doctors told her they might help her survive another 2 1/2 years she told them, "5 would be good".  We miss her very much, and know she was with us yesterday.

Can you see how the seeds resemble stone and mortar?
A Rose Parade float is strictly decorated with only organic materials.  Every square inch of every surface will be covered in seeds, dried flower "dust", ground spices (the portraits on our City of Hope float smelled like Christmas) and finally, during the week leading up to parade day (Jan 2nd this year), fresh flowers and bouquets are added.  We are all looking forward to seeing our work on the television broadcast this next year!

Volunteers and family members create portraits of donors who gave life to ill patients through Donate Life.
A tired, proud, satisfied group of teens and their Coach.  Thank you to the other "Mom who drives" for her photos!
Including the car ride, the kids spent nearly 12 hours volunteering their time and energy to this project.  These are an example of the high school students who have sports, advanced class loads, church and community leadership duties and still find time to volunteer through one more activity, National Honor Society.  It was my honor to be included, if only for a day.

 Congratulations and continued success, and to never loosing the energy it takes to be them!

Cheers!  Linda

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Beach Wreath

photo Design In My View

                                                      Merry Christmas !

 Found sea life arranged on Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point (also claimed by Laguna Beach) California.

Cheers - Linda  :-)

More Clothes For Wine Bottles

Please see an older post for my response to wine bottle sweaters...REALLY?

But now, I'm beginning to weaken...

Found on Etsy - This also comes in Pink!
This one nearly matches a mink stole I have from my Grandmother (so I kinda LOVE it!).

Pottery Barn
OH Nooo!  This has sold out!  Maybe I should feel "saved"?  That's the only way I will be able to survive the disappointment.  Come on, it's a classic for sure.

CHEERS!  Linda


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