Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Decor Part One

Please have patience with the tree on its side.  Maybe "you who requested this post" could just turn your
 i-Phone to view it up-right.  Without complaint.  Kindness, especially this time of year, is always appreciated.  

photo by Design In My View
Thank you to Daughter for these photos today.  A new camera purchased with hard earned Nanny money and she is overjoyed to assist!

Look closely for the twinkle of vintage tinsel "rain".  This is Hubby's childhood memory of his family Christmas tree.  Five children in the 1970's could cover a 6 ft tree in tinsel in seconds - as they tossed it by the handful!  It takes one middle aged artist/designer with a perfectly normal case of O.C.D. gently placing each strand evenly over an 8 foot tree - three hours!
Hubby's reaction was not joyous or child-wide-eyed enough for me to undertake removing each strand carefully and packing it away again.  Last year.  (I'll miss it.  Very pretty!)

photo Design In My View
I love everything about Christmas.  

This year I am greatly distracted by my excitement for The Rose Bowl on January 2nd.  Our Oregon Ducks (The University of Oregon is in Eugene.) are facing Wisconsin Badgers (University of Wisconsin in Madison or Milwaukee?).  This is Oregon's 6th Rose Bowl since 1917.  The first, and last, Rose Bowl win.  So excited, it feels like when you were little and wondered when and if Christmas morning would ever come! 

Daughter may feel the same way.... this is an ornament my parents purchased to commemorate their trip to the 1995 Rose Bowl.  Mom gave it to #1 Son (Dad's namesake) for his 12th Birthday (he's 20 today!).  My Dad passed on his passion for Duck Football to us all - so much passion that even when "we" lose we are still Big Fans!

CHEERS!  GO Ducks!  Linda

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