Monday, December 19, 2011

Thanksgiving To Christmas - Presto Change O!

Just like magic!  And days (and days...) of the Holiday "prop closet" barf all over the entry and living room.  Here are the photos to prove the season has changed in our little corner of our little world - Enjoy!

Super Silver spray paint and "weeds".  Nah, eucalyptus berries, pine cones and hydrangea

"Vintage" Pottery Barn faux bay leaf garland and Santa Photo wall (hopefully, one more to add this year).  My two favorites are when each adorable child about a year old cried with Santa - yeah their pain, my joy!

Upstairs landing with Santa, Snowman and tree collections.

Yep!  I trade out the everyday dishes....I am that great!

Living room looking back towards the entry way (or, foyer if you are inclined - or does it depend on the area of the country you live?).

The slight reflection on the mantel...touch up paint in the wrong sheen.  New Years resolution #1.  Ok, at least in the top 10 of painting "to do's" for 2012.

I had sooo much fun (like a contented cat) the other night.  I lit the fire, all the candles and curled up on the sofa with my new design books (see my post).  Heaven!

This is the ribbon in addition to the burlap ribbon I chose to "tie"my decor theme together.  Unlike a fellow blogger Slim Paley who found her silk ribbon inspiration in Germany,  I fell for a on sale, cotton grosgrain at Michaels!  

Birdie in a feathered nest, "vintage" Pottery Barn wreath.  The birdies are repeated on the tree branches.

Kitchen "mantel".  Yes, that is yet to be painted pine on the ceiling and bare sheet rock walls, with primer ceiling.  Didn't you LOVE 30 Something (old tv show) as much as I did?  

Shhh.  I saw the 20 year old snatch one of these "childhood" Christmas story books away (for his turn) from the 15 year old, who was thoroughly enjoying herself!  

Ok.  That's it.  Even I can tell when the friends gathered to view the vacation photos are itching to have a break leave.  Best Holiday Wishes to All!  And to All a Good Night!

Cheers!  Linda


  1. Merry Christmas Linda! Thanks for visiting my blog. I have not yet painted my sky . . . still into the trees and house but do integrate the huge sky in my way. Best wishes for the holidays and the New Year! Carol

  2. Good Luck with your entry into the blogosphere!

    Thank you visiting RHS. Please come back soon. Happy New Year!

  3. Linda, Just read your blog for a long while and really enjoyed all of your posts. I agree with you on so many things and your observations are spot on! Love it!

    I thought your holiday decorating for Thanksgiving and Christmas was so pretty. Love what you did with the burlao and also how you did the trees on the mantle. I read Slim Paley too, so the Michaels' ribbon comment cracked me up. So TRUE! Also love seeing the progression of what you've done to your house. Very cool. I like your style a lot.

    I hope it's alright with you if I put you on my blogroll. Since we are both starting out, hopefully we can help each other.

    Hope you have a Happy New Year and I look forward to reading more!



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