Monday, May 21, 2012

Rogers Gardens Nursery In Newport Beach, California

The Saturday of Mother's Day Weekend ....

Mom was visiting and we planned to visit 3 of my favorite garden nurseries.  We ended up spending our entire day (happily and creatively over stimulated) at Rogers Gardens Nursery in Newport Beach (California).

If you have never been, you'll now recognize it as a "horticultural amusement park"!

Potted Bay Laurel with sedum pave'  below.

Sedum pave' detail

My favorite style of water feature is the drippy kind,
where the pump and water reservoir are below the gravel.

Granite with drippy "bubbler"        view 1
view 2

 3 planters grouped as a drippy "bubbler" water feature.
River rock and black mondo grass at the base.

Dramatically oversized pedestal-saucer planter!

Close up view 1
Close up view 2

We plan on must replace fencing and retile the pool, so this planter is not on my "must buy" list.

But,  I will use the center plant (forgot to get the name) in our garden
this way ....

Fortunately, our wires are buried in our neighborhood - unlike this very upscale area of
Newport Beach!

This plant has flax type leaves that move like grass in the breeze, making it really special! 

I am waiting until it is in stock in a 1/2 gallon size since our growing season is year round, and I hate to pay for "dirt" and dig big holes.  (our soil is all clay!)

A long view from the patio department.  (furniture,  pillows and table decor)

Hoping to be back in the garden soon!  

Hey Friends! come visit, and do my planting, while I stir our cocktails and point out where you should watch your step...

Cheers!  Linda   :-)


  1. Linda,
    I am so there! WIll work for cocktails! ;P Darn I wish I lived closer. Hope you are on the mend.

    I have been to Roger's and it's lovely. Wish we had such a great place up here. I especially love it during the holiday season. I think that is when I was there last.

    Take care. Are your computer problems better?



    1. Ooo! Christmas at Rogers with their rooms and rooms of decorated trees - amazing!

      And the ribs? Wow. Getting comfortable enough to sleep through the night is the biggest challenge. Finding "peace" with the physical limitations is simply mind over matter (though I'm only finishing week one) - if I forget to move carefully, I REALLY feel it!

      Kim, when you are nearby again - we'll get together for sure! LP

  2. I believe that plant is a yucca. They grow out here in the desert of UT. Beautiful plants! I loved the fountains as well. YOU MUST get them...

    1. Well, thank you Red! I will mention you (as one of my supporters) to Hubby when he asks, "Why do we NEED this?" ;D


  3. Linda, I just nominated you for an award on my blog.

  4. Wow - these plants are amazing, and I can only dream of growing such things! The drippy water things are nice - such a relaxing sound. Unfortunately in my garden I'm not sure you'd hear it over the rain. Hope your ribs are feeling better!

    1. Thank you! I am feeling better and trying very hard to maintain no bending, lifting, and a low activity level.

      In your garden you would only need to run a water feature when it wasn't raining "low energy use"!

      Are you getting good Jubilee coverage? I am hoping to find some tomorrow as I sit and rest some more...



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