Monday, May 7, 2012

Albert Hadley's One Kings Lane Estate Sale - Review

What's in your closet and junk drawers and waay back in that
 special storage closet?
What kinda cash would it bring at a sale?
If your lucky, 10% of retail.

Iconic Interior Designer Albert Hadley is clicking his heavenly heels as his truly collectable and other special junk was sold for (in most cases) much more, than he probably paid for it, just because he chose the item for his personal homes.    Not that there is anything wrong with that!

Here are my favorites (but they were sold - nutz!) and pieces I am inspired by, but would NEVER pay these prices for them.  Sorry.  Just wouldn't!

Copy These Ideas!

6 Painted hangers

Slip covered double bed-black linen with red piping
Hadley's NYC apartment bedroom

Ebonized dining chairs with silk upholstery
described as worn, chipped, torn & stained
NYC apartment

Items from Hadley's 
Southport Connecticut Cottage

wood wall brackets 9" h x 8"w x 5"d  $1799
Please, make it yourself or find it at a better price - anywhere.

Most sentimental, and a fair value ...
 Painted Tole & Gilt Bread Box 13.5" x 9.75" x 9.75"
marked HB Grubbs, Cracker Co., Nashville
first belonged to Hadley's Grandmother

I have never seen anything like this before (I like it!) - but I'll keep looking...
Plaster Rams Head wall vase 13" x 20"  $1199
Best Buy .....

Slatted Wood Outdoor Settee 61" x 29"  $949
attributed to Munder-Skiles, American 20th century
Southport Connecticut Cottage
I love benches settees and have never seen this style - I might have paid for this because it's great looking AND belonged to A.H., but I hate shipping costs.

Items from Hadley's NYC Apartment

Paper Collage by George Sugarman 1958
46" x 31"  $6199
from Hadley's bedroom
Imagine, HE chose it for his bedroom!

Best Buy....

Wool leopard printed rug w/red binding  5'10" x 4'6"  $949
NYC apartment

Collect This!
1970's metal side chair  15" x 15" x 45"h   $2399
featured in "Albert Hadley: The Story of America's Preeminent Interior Designer"  by Adam Lewis
page 219   Kips Bay 2001
(detail) "Ants In Your Pants" fabric by Robert Yoh
NYC apartment kitchen

But, don't ever recover it!  You'll lose it's apparent value as soon as you make any
changes to it ...

"Parking Lot" (corner of Spring Street & Hudson Street)
by Dennis Krukowski,  photograph of the work of street artist Richard Hambleton
commissioned by Hadley,  circa 1983
21" x 31"  $3499
Gaga Crazy for this!  Only going to appreciate in value.
Wonder if it is staying in NYC?

Original (one of a kind) Drawings by Albert Hadley

My favorite, and worth the money ...
pencil and ink 8" x 5"  $475
Drawing Room & French Chandelier

Best Buy ...
8.5" x 6.75"  $185
1940's  Lady Lounging 
Gotta love the open window!

Best Landscape and Celebrity Connection ...
"Proposed Idea for Entrance Detail, Mr & Mrs Maury Povich - Middletown, N.J."  1992
signed AH
8.5" x 11"   $249 

"Mrs. Maury Povich"  ah, Connie Chung!  "Locustwood" is a 1832 Greek Revival Manor that the Povich's had on the market in 2010 for $2.3 million.  You can see the listing photos here.

Cheers!  Linda    :-)


  1. Lovely drawings and nice outdoor settee! Thanks for the heads up Linda !

  2. Leslie, If money were no object (and the object was still available) what would you have chosen from this sale?

  3. Gosh, those prices! Though I agree, there are some good buys in there for a true Hadley admirer.

    1. This was a fun way to see Hadley's design choices piece by piece without the distraction of an entire room assembly.
      It is true that if you collect what you love, pieces of furniture, art and collectables will all work well together. Rooms that, nearly, design themselves. :-)


  4. Great stuff, great prices! Love the cottage brackets and the drawings are fantastic.

    Thanks for visiting me today!!!

    1. Gina it was great to find you as well! Looking forward to reading more of your posts.


  5. LOVELY PICS:) I really like your blog and I want to follow, do you have twitter or FB??

    If you want some swedish decor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)
    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at

    1. Welcome Maria! It is great to have you as a follower. :-)

      I "surfed" to your blog last night and need to find out how to translate it to english... I'll be back! Your page has a beautiful design.
      I tweet as @LuckyBodi
      My Facebook page is sitting idle as I have not given it any time to learn how to "book".

      Cheers to you!


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