Thursday, May 10, 2012

What An Entrance! K.I.S.S.

Great architecture is always fun to work with - I can imagine how new elements may have been added to this entry foyer.

misplaced photo credit - so so so sorry - let me know & I'll update!

New Elements   (possibly... )

1 - Gotta be (guess I'm quite certain about some things... ) a new marble floor - Three shades (light, medium & dark) of marble make this diagonal pattern look as if it was woven.      

2 - Color - Teal (close?) on the exterior side of the door.
                  Fuchsia on the victorian style settee.
                  Chocolate walls (looks like dark chocolate, at least 60% cocoa), milk chocolate trim on the stairs, set off with white chocolate (make sure there is a bit of brown in this white choice - it will still look white just not icy white - brrr)

Original Elements   (likely... )

Door and Windows, Bannister, size of foyer and ceiling height.

Please Notice    (I said please, you do have a choice!)

Height of the chandelier is at an imaginary first storey height which gives a cozy proportion to the other furnishings.

Settee, and wall decor are centered on the window and door "opening" (the width of their combined dimensions).  This design fills the proportion of the foyer floor (that rectangular space with the marble weave).

Starburst mirror is centered on the end wall further emphasizing the foyer seating area.

Mix ornate pieces like the chandelier, settee and wall shelves WITH modern abstract paintings, tiger stripe pillows and the "on trend" starburst mirror.  

So much for keeping it simple ....stupid got carried away!  (It happens.)

Cheers!  Linda    :-)


  1. Linda,

    Wonderful post! Those floors and the chocolate walls are gorgeous.

    1. Thank you Dahl-ing! Happy Mother's Day! :-)

  2. Love your style! maybe we can follow each ohter?:X

    1. Ioana-Carmen, I also love your style! I have seen your blog through your comments you have made on other blogs that I follow....
      Your Zara sandals are FABU! (fabulous) I did not know that Romania fashion would look so much like U.S.A. fashion.
      This is truly a small world, now that we can share information so easily though the web.
      I look forward to hearing from you again. :-)

  3. Love this picture Linda and have it torn out. Forgot where it was from also. Would you have done less? I think the urns and shelves may have been too much.

    Color is gorgeous and love the door and mirror. Hope you had a good Mom's Day.


    1. Hey hey Kim! The elevated view is probably making the elements look cluttered (the chandelier appears to be hanging too close to the door).

      My personal style is less ornate than the wall brackets and urns. But as a collector of "artifacts" myself, I want the entrance to begin introducing guests to what they can expect to see in other areas of our home. And this entry makes me very curious to see more!

      Mom was here (from Portland) for Mother's Day weekend, as we had a cousin/nephew graduate from USC on Friday. We spent most of Saturday at Rogers Gardens in Newport - I am still planting our purchases! :-)



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