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Ina Garten's Kitchen and Friends

If Wikipedia can be used, as we grew up using the Encyclopedia, then take a couple of minutes and read about Ina Garten.  Wow!  She's Julia Child and Martha Stewart's cuter and nicer cousin.

In this post I was simply wanting to show two kitchens on the opposite ends of the spectrum of Kitchen Design (I love both equally).  As I often do, I misplaced my notes from the Barefoot Contessa show on Food Network (that I had taken my photos from) and resorted to searching the web. (Really, this was simply going to be photos via the Barefoot Contessa television show and it's become something more...Damn!  I just want to post "a quickie".)

Ina Garten (center) in her friends kitchen Stephen Drucker (left) and his partner Frank Newbold (right)
So, Ina Garten has many friends who are happy to assist her in taping her television cooking shows.

Including her husband Jeffery Garten (who is as "cool" as Julia Child's husband Paul Child (as I "met" him in the Julie & Julia movie).  Ok.  "search" don't "search" him (Paul) 'cause there is lots of innuendo talk... which gets us waaay off track.)

Back to my two favorite kitchen modern cottage,
Ina's t.v. kitchen      Open shelves, potted herbs, enormous stainless gas range w/double ovens,
soapstone (?) counters, painted cabinetry.......

and vintage cozy cottage....
A cottage kitchen with linoleum counter tops w/metal (not always stainless) edging, white appliances,
visible paper towel holder,  painted cabinets nearly original to the age of the house.
LOOK how Happy she is upon entering!

Back to Ina's kitchen:
  butcher block counter, dried beans in glass containers, beautiful cookware, a silver plater........

Return to Frank and Stephen's:
Linoleum tile floor, probable door to the basement (door right),  "squeezed in" marble island (great!),
maybe a map of the area hanging over the older gas range.
In this episode with Frank and Stephen, Ina is helping prepare preparing a dinner for the guys to serve to their weekend guests.  As we learn, The Hamptons are quite a distance from NYC and getting to your cottage with time to serve dinner is nearly impossible unless you have a "townie" friend who gets it all together for you.  As with all great friendships, big hugs and promises to see you soon are all the repayment thanks needed!

I more than mentioned before.... when attempting to recreate my notes, I uncovered many references and sites referring to subjects I did not imagine including in my post - ABOUT KITCHEN STYLES.  

Looking for more photos of Ina's Barn/Television Kitchen
I was excited to find....
Ina's Kitchen
Ina's Desk
"Ina’s Pomegranate Cosmopolitans and a vase of fennel, in lieu of flowers — why not?"
(last three photographs - AND the last quote - from House Beautiful taken by Simon Upton)

Then was taken "aback" Idiom 5.taken aback, surprised and disconcerted: I was taken abackby
 his harsh criticism.
                                        when I found......Food Network Humor and again here.  Then "search" Stephen Drucker and there are too many "articles" to read (but scanning them you will recognize parts of his career as a home decor magazine editior) when one is just wanting to look at kitchen design!  
Also, what is the problem "people" have with a successful real estate broker (Frank Newbold) and his home decor magazine editor partner having a lovely cottage with a vintage kitchen?   Personally, I love them more for it!

Here's the REAL DIRT I uncovered..........
Ina's hand removing a box from her panty shelf.           
In Ina's Pantry.....

Ina, now turning toward the camera (with the box in her hand).
Photo's never lie....
Ah HA!
phew!  Even television cooks have dirt in their pantry.

Cheers!  Linda   :-)

Above photos are original Design In My View "captured" from a HD television screen "paused" broadcast of Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa on The Food Network, unless otherwise identified.


  1. Yeah! Way to go Linda. I love Ina, but now that she isn't perfect love her even more! Her kitchen is my favorite!


    1. I KNOW, right?

      That is a REAL pantry with items in zip lock and opened boxes. AND the smoodge! :-)

  2. I don't watch Ina too much, but I do remember her always talking about how "Jeffery" will love the dish she is making, haha. I like the modern cottage the best - it looks so elegant! I also love the photo of the fennel in a vase. Such a fantastic idea for a dinner party!

    Lastly... I really need to see Julia & Julia. :)

    Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

    1. Amberly YES! see "Julie and Julia"....I have only seen it once (in the theater) - time to see it again, maybe we'll get a rainy day this summer. Fingers crossed! :-)

      Ina's Jeffery enjoys EVERYTHING she cooks for him. And they both get such a big laugh about it each time...too cute!

  3. Love me some Ina dirt!

    Human? Love it! Love her place...smudges included!

    1. Linda, It is so great to have you back and getting on with it! :-)


  4. I'm really happy I fell upon your blog and I'm going to be following!

    1. Welcome SSKS!
      Very happy to have you following - looks like you are #27 - Woo Hoo! :-)


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