Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Scenery in the background is part of a haunted trail designed by Daughter and me.

A neighbor lady and I dress up as Witches to greet the trick-o-treaters every year.  As she said this afternoon, "Why not? (be a witch on Halloween)  I'm one 365 days a year!"  I responded with light humor, "But today, we get to wear the costume."

Sugar loved her flying monkey wings.  They began to lose feathers as she did not allow passing room for furniture and people.  Fortunately, I took them off her before she attempted passage through the dog door.

Haircut tomorrow at noon!  I purposefully let it grow (way past a scheduled cut) so I did not have to wear my witch wig. Daughter exclaimed that I look like a before on the "Today with Kathy Lee & Hoda" makeover segment.

Cheers!  Linda   :-)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Work The 70's Vibe "Bring Back Big Bush"

I couldn't help thinking of her when I saw this ....

via and La Boheme
Gotta love Gwyneth Paltrow! 

(Let's not say I am, but let's not say I'm not .... but I may, too.)

Hate Hug the Haters.  No gal could be this cool and not be GREAT.
(check out Gwyney's blog - goop)

Cheers!  Linda   :-$   (I'm recently sporting the over 50 "brace face" - yikes!)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Real Life or Photo Shoot Style

How are you going to live in this room with all the layers of furniture stacked in the middle?

Vincent Wolf     via
The rattan chairs can not see each other (even without the lilies in the giant vase) over the height of the table straddling the mattress sized ottoman.

That sofa is the perfect shape for conversation, as the angled ends are looking at each other and the person(s) seated in the middle section.

This room is styled for the photo shoot.


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