Sunday, October 6, 2013

Real Life or Photo Shoot Style

How are you going to live in this room with all the layers of furniture stacked in the middle?

Vincent Wolf     via
The rattan chairs can not see each other (even without the lilies in the giant vase) over the height of the table straddling the mattress sized ottoman.

That sofa is the perfect shape for conversation, as the angled ends are looking at each other and the person(s) seated in the middle section.

This room is styled for the photo shoot.


  1. My husband would have a fit with the lilies in the giant vase. The sofa does have nice angles.. so I guess that's where I'd sit:) xxL

    1. Very much a girls room style. I'll take the other end of the sofa and the men will be in the den with the big screen. Cheers! :-)

  2. The otto"man" looks to have been added last minute to balance out the throw pillows. Notice the "last minute" angle that is created by the dark shadow under the "Lillie table". The lighting is too heavy on the left side of the mess and too little on the right. Causing the entire cluster to tilt to the right of the room.

    1. Hey hey S.S.! Didn't realize we share the same "crazy" eye for detail. Your right about the balance being off - this is not a great Vincent Wolf.
      In studying it now, this is a weird space. Obviously trying to keep it light and retain the view... The flowers look like an attempt to balance the looming bare and too white ceiling. Without adding a chandelier I would have chosen a darker color for the ceiling.... leaning more to the value of the carpet.

      That was fun! Come visit again soon. XO :-)

  3. I think they need just one more coffee table to balance things out even though I know the magic number is 3..!

    1. Naomi, did you see all the magic threes! Three ceramic vases, ottoman - tray- and table, and that (damn) vase of lilies has two little buddies next to it.
      Where are you placing your other coffee table?
      All odd numbers are magic, unless you have a pair. A pair can stand alone. ;-) Cheers!

    2. Sorry about that "it" at the end of the above sentence. "...vase of lilies has two little buddies."

      (yes, "it" bothers me that much)


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