Thursday, May 17, 2012

Projection Art - As Seen On Dancing With The Stars

I may have been in a Nordstrom store when I first stepped over a projected image on the aisle floor.

I do not recall if it was an logo advertisement or artwork enhancing the buying season,  but I do remember rubbing my foot on it (thinking it may be a decal).  And then spinning slowly around as I looked up into the ceiling attempting to discover the source.  (I don't think I ever did find it.)

As it happens, these are called GOBO, for "Go Between" or "Goes Before Optics".  And now you see them on mall floors with moving images entertaining small children (and adults like me) like cats chasing a spot from a flash light.

Another fascination for me are the television graphics used during football games (marking the first down line) and recently The Kentucky Derby (showing the mile marker).  These are enhanced versions of chroma key or "green screen".   see more here

You have likely been to an event (or seen one on tv) similar to ....

via Kinetic Lighting Inc
I love how the GOBO blends the decor with the architecture making this a magical space.

This spectacually large tent is further transformed into an entrance which builds the excitement of the arrival!
via Kinetic Lighting Inc

Or take an internationally iconic building and create art ......

via UK lighting artist Ross Ashton

Dancing with the Stars is the latest great impression of these lighting techniques to catch my attention!

William & Cheryl
These animated "boxes" scrolled towards the camera.

Donald & Peta
Same wooden dance floor (in case you're not a viewer) covered in money.

Giant flowers

Katherine & Mark
Kinetic colored rectangles

Oriental carpet for the "belly dance" inspired performance.

These floor designs were used for the semi-final level of competition. 

 The eliminated couple, Maria & Derek, did not use GOBO in their two dances.  Hmmm.

Cheers!  Linda    :-)

(Design In My View original fare poor quality photos captured from our HD television screen.)


  1. Linda, Very cool. I was wondering how they did those special effects on the show. Nordstrom is quite modern with all the neat things they have in store too.

    Speaking of Dancing..., you must be watching. Okay, who is your favorite? They are all so good, but I felt bad Maria got the boot this week. I really thought she'd be the winner. William is pretty cute though.


    1. I agree with you about Maria. I'm now leaning towards Mark and Katherine - I don't think Mark has been a winner yet. And other than Max, Mark would be my first pick for Pro-winner!
      And she's British! :-)

  2. Thank you for the update, very nice site..


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