Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sympathy Please


I (finally) get motivated to accomplish some big projects, and now I'm down and out for 6 weeks...

Standing on this wall (which I have done 100's of times!removing that big "highway" shrub....

.... I adjusted my left foot and without realizing it, stepped off to (actually, past) the next level down.  Somehow, as I fell (like missing a stair or sidewalk curb) my body shifted to the right and I hit my back ribs onto the brick edge of the wall below.

Result:  breaking ribs 10 & 11 on my left side

Peculiar Ribs.—The first, second, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth ribs present certain variations from the common characteristics, and require special consideration.    via


The only Peculiar things I am dealing with now is the clicking/rubbing sensation at the breaks and the minor overdose of prescription pain killer!  (if needed, I will be cutting the single tablet in half next time)  Special consideration will have to be given to the rest of my skeletal structure, as I won't be surprised if I am "out of whack". 
 (Idiom  out of whack, Informal out of order or alignment; not inproper condition.)

So, there goes the progress in tackling other areas of the house as well - cleaning out the storage room three car garage, renting scaffold to paint the kitchen ceiling and planting all the newly nearly cleared garden spaces. 

Thanks to Daughter, (woo hoo!) that knoll now looks like .....

Location of accident - that little step down.

Hit my back on this lower wall and ended up on the lawn.

These plants will just have to wait ....

nearly iridescent sedum

Pineapple Guava

tag showing flowers of the Pineapple Guava
As my fireman neighbor said, "If you had been 15 feet off the ground you would not have fallen, because you would have been more careful."

The 3 neighbor men who gathered to assist Daughter in returning me to an upright stable position all insisted that we go to the emergency room (a 4 hour tour) for x-rays.

Just to be certain that my lung was not punctured. (yeah, that cinched it!)

What do you see?


The Old Woman or The Young Woman? 
I have always seen the Young Woman,
but today I feel like the Old Woman.

Thanking my lucky stars that "this too shall pass"!   Maybe forced procrastination will help break me of my natural stalling abilities?!

Linda   :-)

P.S.  My Sister just sent this photo of the wall standing gardener generation that proceeds me....

Mom  -  Today in Portland, Oregon (even after hearing about my fall!)


  1. Linda! SO sorry to hear this! Telling my husband about this and he said, "You girls will do anything for a blog entry! LOL! "

    Take care and hopefully you can get well soon. I had broken ribs before and they are sooo painful. I hope you are letting everyone wait on you and putting your feet up a bit.

    You yard looks very cool. Love all those succulents.

    Thinking of you,

    1. Kim! That made my ribs move (OUCH!) - too funny! Thanks for your good wishes. :-)

  2. Oh poo....that sucks! And I'm with you about the pain killers....they really affect me. Hope they heal soon

    1. Thank you Sherry!

      I read your comment to Linda at Lime in the coconut regarding her terrible car accident - with that, my little fall has been put into perspective.

      Fondly, LP


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