Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Randomness


Random - mess photo journal

Design In My View
I know you understand the handy cocktail table....
NOW you want the cuppa table.

Design In My View
Bodi likes to be very close to me.

Design In My View
Moss basket from Roger's Gardens.
A wonderful gift from my Mom, THANKS Mom!

Design In My View    taken from the Living Spaces television advertisement

Do we still like this IF .....
Living Spaces has sooo much of it, they can have an ongoing television campaign?

Design In My View

Inlaid Marmoleum floor emergency corridor 
Mission Viejo Hospital

(Remind me to find photos of my Marmoleum kitchen floor from our home in Tacoma, WA)

Design In My View
Design In My View
WHY is it necessary to use these forehead pimple microphones in musical theatre?

I do not recall complaining that the sound quality was so bad, I wished there was technology that would make the sound a zillion times better (it better be that much better) even though it may distract me to the point of getting a forehead-ache just looking at those weird - distracting - attention grabbing - majorly (Slang extremely; thoroughly: The class was majorly hard.   
D I S T R A C T I N G goobers.

note: These photos were taken of my television screen during an awards show broadcast. 
 This is the cruise ship cast of "Hairspray".

Design In My View

Mural in Sellwood, Oregon (SE Portland)
among the antique shops, boutiques and food, food, food!

Design In My View

In my front yard
the wood was a bit "punky"


1   [puhng-kee] 
adjective, punk·i·er, punk·i·est.
1. of, like, or pertaining to spongy punk.)

Hoping my neighbor's sister is still happy with her choice,
she made after the sun had set.

! Happy Fourth of July !

Cheers!  Linda  :-)

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