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July 4th Oregon Coast - Chapter II

The Seafood Feast

My Brother and Sister-In-Law (I use this term only for your clarity, in person we're just sisters.) own Puget Sound waterfront property and have learned to farm oysters.  Not just any oysters (yes they have varieties - I did not take notes - juicy fingers and gorging on bread and wine too...) but smooth, velvety meat perfectly cupped in a deep shell holding a slurp of cooking liquid.

Yearling Crassostrea gigas  or  Pacific Oyster
background is lemon butter (1/3 butter to 2/3 lemon - that, I heard ! )

They have learned to grow their crop (seeds are purchased from the commercial seller each year) in a bag that hangs, or may be anchored (again, details details - I was fishing for clams that had fallen out of their shells into the bottom of the pots! ) in the tidal water so it is constantly moving up and down creating a barnacle free outer shell with a perfect deep spoon shape.

"Hey Bro, trying to capture an image for my blog!"

His moniker (don't know which on line site) is "Clamboy1966".  
( Oh! Wait! I found it ...

He made homemade bread!  

He had three steam pots with clams and oysters (and an occasional muscle) in each - but in each a different cooking liquid!  Classic wine, tequila - lime - cilantro, and dark beer were our options. 

Our directions were to use our fingers for serving, bread as napkins, pour your drink of choice, and begin walking around and around the table so that everyone gets a chance to enjoy the bounty from each pot!

Clamboy1966 cutting his homemade bread - "Sis" opening wine and tossing salad (plates for that course)
(yes, MY finger is in the shot... Niece #1 showed me how to avoid that in the future)
 This is the first and final photo I took - probably because by the time everyone else showed up I was already starting.... Yum !

Parade Entry

Our family followed family friends to this area of the Oregon Coast when Dad and Mom purchased their home in 1994.  It did not take long before we began coordinating our schedules so that our two family's were in town for Labor Day Weekend and a golf tournament (always followed by "Woodie's Gin Fizzes").  Then we added to the calendar July 4th centered around the 8am pancake breakfast at the fire house, 1:00 main street parade,  4:00 pork rib dinner (my Hubby's!), 6pm nap and 10:30 town fireworks display on the beach.

Funny thing - these two family's shared something else - a willingness (some may say neediness) to perform, and began walking in the parade.  At first a couple of wagons full of little kids pulled by parents, and dogs on leashes walked along with the older kids dressed up as whatever they wanted to create.  Then maybe as early as 1998.....  IT was born.

The Miller / Wood Centipede
Five young adults and my Father (age 65) as the "tail", he with a squirt water bottle in hand, donned the red table cloth with stars and stripes (applied by Mom) and took to the parade route with a bit more excitement than a real plan or any choreography.  WE HAD A BLAST !

Dad would squirt the young (waiting hopefully for candy to be thrown) and the middle aged (usually looking unimpressed) and their reactions were always the same as we would step double time away breaking into our own laughter - they would laugh too.  Or at least their friends and loved ones would be laughing!

Fast forward to this year, as these are the photos I have to share....
Last of The Miller Family "little kids" practice their best Centipede on July 3rd.
To be joined by one entry from The Wood Family (her place is where the daisy is) on Parade Day!
We had one extra willing participant who made her intentions very clear, so a bunting "tail" was added.....

Maybe not originally a red table cloth, but yardage was sewn and stars applied by Mom Miller.

On the floor in the hallway my Sister Seastor guides (with help from the "tail" entrant, my youngest Neice) the white twin sheet through the vintage Singer.  The foot pedal pressure was applied by the hand of my youngest Nephew.

Look at that Centipede action!  They're Naturals!
I have regularly been a walking entrant, guiding the children in their annual centipede pursuits.  Years ago creating a white wire hanger tiered hoop skirt and matching neck piece, decorated with metallic streamers and floral pick sparklers.

Fortunately for me, I had decided about a week before that I would not be the one wearing or preforming in that costume this year.  As it turns out, they did not need an adult this year.  One of the other young Woods dressed up in his own creation to guide the Centipede and throw the candy.

To be continued.....

Cheers!  Linda  :-) 


  1. Linda,
    just reading all these! What a fun family you have! Love the whole parade thing. We have a parade tradition at my parents home too, but not nearly as creative...

    Speaking of creative, those sand sculptures are really great. I had to show my husband who loves doing them too. He's from up near Oregon in Trinidad, Ca. Guess that's what you do when the beach is cold all the time.

    Love that area. So gorgeous! Hope you had a fun time.


    1. Yes cold beaches are not for sitting idle. Long walks (always start into the wind), digging, rake a track for a game of tag, and a fire pit if you are sitting.

      Watch for my Chapter III finale. Been distracted with some in depth research on new subjects.


  2. Seastor, you have selected the photos well. Though seeing my "aged" hand in the photo is almost as bad as you pulling Henry from the front of me in the family photo to cover your pajama bottoms. Those of which look as groovy as your recent table cloth entry.
    And the "set up" picture of Clamboys (& spouse) clam, muscle & oyster buffet. I am sure there was not one of us willing to give up a second to take a group shot for fear of getting behind in the consumption trough!
    Live it, love it, learning from it...can't wait for the next gathering

    1. Wow Seastor - Someone just jumped "in" with both feet.

      Welcome to the Blog Pool! :-)


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