Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thank You For This Award

An award of unclear origin. (yes I looked it up!)
But one that is "a place to start" and clearly awarded from 
the heart of my follower, 

"Liebster" is DEAREST in German.  

I adore the double meaning as Kim announces that she finds my blog among her dearest and I in turn, feel more dear that she has awarded me, 
The Liebster.

A BIT of a Blogger Award Chain Letter, I now award to 5 of my Dearest blogs who have under 200 followers.

Link back to Kim at Northern California Style and link to my 5 Awardees so that YOU, my reader, will then have fun clicking on them and doing a bit of blog "surfing" of your own!

And now, in no particular order.......

1)  Splendid Market  Emily, (who has designed for Starbucks in her past life - dream!) presents food, travel and lifestyle illustrated with her own luscious photos from her home in Seattle.
 (honestly, I was shocked & amazed pleased (so that I may now share her with you) that her blog qualifies for The Liebster)

2)  Curious Details  Becki (I love to "surf" from her Favorites list) is a creative (her photos!) and entertaining designer/decorator who lives in Houston, Texas.

3)  Ramblings Of A Redhead  I call her "Red" (others use her proper name Janelle), living in Salt Lake City shares about her life, "model" dog, photographer husband and most recently a paid writing gig!

4)  bullfrogs and bulldogs  Amanda, is a new bride who is beginning her life as a farm wife, vegan & gluten free cook, and budget wise D.I.Y. decorator in Oregon.

5)  The Lovely Lifestyle  Rachel Anne (R.A. to me)  Shares her home remodel, cute hubby she calls "The Mister" and the fun they have in (and out of) Nashville.

As I searched through my Favorites list to find ANY blogs with less than 200 followers.  (most have many more!)   I was surprised to note how many do not have this statistic listed.  Makes me think that they are so cool they don't worry about counting - and cool is what I want to be too!
 (we'll see if I can give it up....maybe after the first 100 of you)

Congratulations Ladies,  you now get to post this Award on your blog!
 (as I have proudly done - top left)
  Boast  Post about it with a link back to me my blog
 and list 5 blogs you find DEAR who have 200 or less followers.

A side note.....

I THINK.... I've been banned from one of my FAVORITE blogs!
When last I "clicked" she had been offline due to "technical difficulties".
Now I "click and this comes up ......

This blog is open to invited readers only
It doesn't look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation.

Would you contact Jen on my behalf?  She lives in my favorite college town and last posted (the last one I could open) about her new home.  My comment may have been taken as a bit "stalker-ish"?  When I asked/estimated where her new home was (here I used specific directions ie: south or west) and maybe she has acted in a protective way to keep me from dropping by?

We had previously exchanged a few fun comments.
 (mostly, me commenting - she may have responded to me once, or twice)
 I don't know if she even reads my blog.

I just want everyone to SUBSCRIBE, FRIEND, FOLLOW, TWITTER and LIKE me!  
No different than any other Blogger - right?

Cheers!  Linda   :-)


  1. Linda ~ I am honored! We are both from Oregon. Where did you grow up? I'm from Portland. I'm wondering why are you shocked/amazed/pleased that I qualify?

    It's been too long since I have visited your blog. I will happily subscribe/ follow, etc. you, to ensure I don't miss another post.

    Thank you so much!

    1. aaah, PNW girl! :-) SW Portland, would have attended Wilson HS - but we moved to acreage in Sherwood to have horses in the backyard!
      Your blog is so professionally polished I assumed you had "been around" longer. (mine is still a bit DIY)

      Welcome back - It is great to "meet" you again!

  2. Thanks for the sweet note and award, Linda. I wish I had time to pass it on..we are preparing for extended company over the next 10 days. Thank you for taking the time to read and stay connected. Blogging is such a fun creative outlet. Have a wonderful summer!!!

    1. I imagine you to be the consummate hostess - have a great time!

      If you choose, I think the Liebster can wait to be passed along when you have time. Not like a traditional chain letter where you felt doom and dread if not completed. :-)


  3. Linda,
    Wow, you did a way better job than me with this! I didn't even research it. Thanks for finding out all about it. I will have to post my liebster icon thingy too. I can't wait to check out the blogs you awarded! Going to go there now! Funny about that Jen thing. A little strange. I think I'd be crushed if I got that message. Do not take it personally, she may have had a stalker or something before.

    Thanks for the shout out girl! You are the best and you deserved the Liebster the most!

    1. Kim! I have already seen you post comments on some of my "awardees" blogs - YOU ROCK. :-)

      I hope Jen West from Jentrified is still out there - she has a unique look and good humor in her writing.

      Thank you dear fan! :-)

  4. Linda,
    Looks like her blog is closed to all readers. I tried from here and typing it in and it only takes invited readers.

    Kim :)

  5. You are a dill! Thank you for the award!!! I really appreciate it. I'm glad you enjoy my ramblings and model dog haha! I will post Bout this soon! Xoxo Red

    1. Dill, Doll - as long as you call, I'll respond to anything.

      Thanks again for sharing your music "list" - I love it when I can expose my kids (16 & 20) to music they will hear (and like) for the first time!

  6. Oh, auto correct, damn you! You are a doll, not a dill!

  7. Thank you so much Linda! I am honored and feel so lucky to have awesome readers as yourself!


    Amanda @ Bullfrogs and Bulldogs

    1. Hey hey Amanda!
      As you know, I am waaay envious of where you are living. Reading your posts allow me a moment to imagine I am just down the road. :-)


  8. Linda,
    I'm intrigued, anyone that drives and photographs points of interest has to be worth following. The reason my site doesn't have one of those "follow me" things is that my son set me up and I don't believe Wordpress has that feature. Bummer, I'm not that cool. :-)
    Karen at GHP
    P.S. I live very close to Rogers Gardens too!

    1. Karen - Welcome! You are my follower Lucky 13! No prize attached, but turn to the next person you see and cheer "I'm Lucky 13!" :-)

      How great is this blog world where just this morning I read a comment you left on Slim Paley, connected to your site Garden Home and Party, made my own comment regarding televisions over fireplaces, and now you're here!

      Please don't start driving and taking pictures.... it is so dangerous. Be the passenger and click away.

      We need to run into each other at Rogers Gardens. Or we should plan it, because I'll be in the drought tolerant area and you'll be in the lush cottage garden flower section and never see each other.



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