Tuesday, June 19, 2012

K.I.S.S. 3 Topics

Summer starts tomorrow!

My consumption of Basil Gin Martinis started a few weeks ago....

Design In My View

Gin   (Hendricks is too flowery for basil)

One medium large basil leaf

Shaker full of ice



Garnish with a small basil leaf


Wooden Crates as Wall Decor

Original photo by Design In My View                      Rogers Gardens Nursery in Newport Beach, CA

Top Down in Dana Point, CA

Design In My View

Memories   :-)

Design In My View

If I get a ticket for dangerous driving.... I will not contest!
Photography while driving is as sure to cause an accident as texting - do not attempt.

Cheers!  Linda   :-)


  1. Linda. I am having a basil gin martini tomorrow night! I had a drink at the Left Bank restaurant here with basil, but it was too sweet. This sounds so good. Love basil anything.

    Very cool car. Remember," Herbie Rides Again?" I think I saw that or something like, "Superdad," with a beatle for one of my first walk-in movies in 3rd grade. Those bugs are so darn cute. Very So. Cal.

    How are you doing? I am always tempted to snap photos and drive too!


    1. Hello Kim! Thanks for asking, I'm doing well. :-)

      Too sweet is a problem with most martinis.

      Which got me to thinking about one I've had at White Bark in the Westin in Mammoth Lakes. Vodka, cucumber and Jalapeno - yum!

      And cocktails from the list at Little Dom's in LA / Los Feliz.... must find a reason to go there again.


  2. Love basil always and truly, will have to try it in a martini. Sounds like a splendid summer sip!

    1. There are "martini days" when this is the only one that will quench my thirst!


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