Friday, December 2, 2011

My Brush With Designer Greatness

I have just returned from Beverly Hills.  If it were not for having to drive freeways to get there it is a wonderful neighborhood.  Google Maps took me on the circuitous route - but, it was a tourists' scenic dream drive along Sunset Blvd.  Fortunately, I am still a bit of a tourist around southern California.

On the way home with Hubby on the phone, and the car navigator - I jumped on 405 South and was home in a mere 2 1/2 hours (70 miles).  A short commute for a Friday evening!

The Event - - -

Kathryn M. Ireland (NEVER to be confused with the other one, thankfully), Martyn Lawrence-BullardBarry Dixon and Jiun Ho were featured speakers today at the Luxe Interiors & Design Magazine sponsored Designer Show House Maison de Luxe at the Historic Greystone Estate.  (Could there be more links in one sentence?)

Kathryn M. Ireland website photo
Martyn Lawrence-Bullard from Million Dollar Decorators
Barry Dixon Interiors
from Google Images
The "chat" was monitored by Luxe V.P. Editor-In-Chief, Pamela Jaccarino.  She was gracious in getting the panel warmed up, and then quietly let them share their advice and council.  When their personal stories began to unfold to the (riotous!) enjoyment of the intimately sized audience, Pam was equally entertained.

At home now with three personally autographed design books, (see: Summers in FranceLive Love & Decorate, and Barry Dixon Inspirations) ideas from 25 top U.S. designers, and a great story to retell full of dropped names (Sir Elton John and Steven Spielberg - in that order!).  In honor of The Speakers constant reference to enjoying a glass of wine - I've enjoyed two wrighting this four you!

If you are in the Southern California area through December 22nd (closed Mondays, Dec 5, 12 & 19) I highly recommend seeing Maison de Luxe !!!

Cheers!  Linda

Disappointed that the above photos are not from today's event?  There were so many people "getting their pictures made" with the designers I chose to enjoy having my one on one conversation with each of them - without the distraction.  I just can not do two things well at the same time.  
A personal Thank You to Vanessa Kogevinas, who took time away from her role as Director of this event to make sure that I was enjoying my visit.  Wow!

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