Monday, March 19, 2012

St Paddy's Day Leftover - Simple Corned Beef Hash

We jumped and had ours last night - not so secretly I think we all enjoy the corned beef and vegies hash-style better than the dinner!

As it was Sunday, or as I like to say "Old Fashioned Day", first things first satisfy the thirst...

oooh the focus...mommy needs new glasses

Don't move too far from the bar to the cutting board.

Thank you to Hubby for his expert chop and prep of the hash ingredients - everything leftover from St Paddy's Day dinner - we had onions, cabbage, carrots and the beef.

Hot pan, cold oil, food won't stick.  I use olive oil, someone else may use butter or a mixture of both, for browning.  Black pepper.  Push it down and let it crust before stirring once and pushing down, let it crust once more.

Hubby and I had steamed artichokes with our hash and daughter chose her favorite baked cauliflower.

Other ingredients in baked cauliflower

Saute (no, brown) cauliflower florets with olive oil adding chopped garlic later so it does not burn.

Off heat: juice of half lemon, coarse salt, ground black pepper, crushed crackers (my substitute for seasoned bread crumbs) capers and more olive oil.

Into 325 degree oven until fork tender.  Toss with chopped parsley and parmesan cheese.

This is before baking - see how the cauliflower is a bit browned
I have made this many different ways depending on the ingredients I have on hand ie: no lemon?  White wine.  no parsley?  Celery leaves.  no parmesan?  No cheese needed.

But we still call it "Mr Hansen's Baked Cauliflower" as it was he who shared the original recipe - Thank you!   :-)

Cheers!  Linda


  1. Linda,
    Yum! Wow you are the cook. Love to make both the hash and the baked cauliflower! I love the way you brown the it then put in the oven. I also like the mixture of ingredients. Really original. The cocktail looks pretty good too!


    1. Thank you Kim. :-) Enjoy! And YES the cocktail is delish, Cheers!


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