Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Compare Contrast - Iron Hardware

Pottery Barn Twist Iron Hardware vs Van Dyke's Restorers 

Bin Pulls

Pottery Barn Bin Pull

Van Dyke's Restorers

Why am I looking at Iron Hardware?  Probably because I don't have a need for iron hardware, and what I don't need, I covet!  This is not a post/catalog - if you are looking to purchase iron hardware then you will have to do the real work and find the prices and dimensions for yourself by clicking on the links I have provided.


Pottery Barn Cabinet Knob
Van Dyke's Cabinet Knob (more)

My biggest concern when ordering anything online is how does it feel?  You know, the touch test.  You don't?  Gawd, I can stand in the hardware/designer stores for what my kids will say is hours (and they would be correct) feeling up the knobs, pulls and knockers.  What's not fun about that?! 


Pottery Barn

Van Dyke's

Knockers must feel good and make a solid thud sound.  Not a "ping, ping" but more of a "boom, boom".  Testing this online is obviously impossible (you do understand that) so be prepared to ship it back if the sound is unsatisfactory.  Caution and observation must be employed when shopping in the stores too... what are the knockers mounted on to - wood or a metal display system?  This will change the tone of your knockers.

Please note I am voting from the photos only - though my years of experience with touching pulls, knobs and knockers have provided me with a sight sensory expertease to be a good judge....
The sinwinners are!  Pottery Barn pulls and Van Dyke's knocker! And the knobs, (this is such a personal choice) tie!

Cheers!  Linda

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