Saturday, February 11, 2012

Orange County Salvation Army Treasures...Looking For Baby Doll

Yes.  Still looking for Baby Doll... (my heart is aching)

Searching through the many Salvation Army stores in Orange County, CA.  Each time my heart starts to race, feeling like she is here - I know I'll find her this time!

Last Seen in November 2011 wearing these PJ's without the wings and stripes.
Chou Chou brand 16"-18" long, sleepy eyes, precious. 

I focus on the toy area, looking high and low and, wide. (as items are spread about by shoppers and sweet kids)

Wait!  Could this be a "sign"?!

Jessie from Toy Story 2 & 3
It is a heart stopping sign if you have seen Toy Story 3 !! (here) 
"Jessie!  Have you seen Baby Doll?  Is she trying to get home?  Tell her I'm looking for her!  I'm not giving up!  It was not Daughter's idea to donate her - it was mine...tell her how sorry I am and how much we both Love Her!

Deep breath.         Try again at the next store.
And then my heart is soothed when I see treasures!  (wish I had a partner, or two, we could collect items for a Pop-Up Store)  

$99  Not a scratch - But would look great painted too!

Soothed so much that I nearly forget about the Baby Doll Quest.

$64 less 30% ("Partner" you do the math) nearly 4ft tall - just a few scratches to touch up.
Could you DIE?  Blue ceramic and teak!

Potential Pop Up Store partners - let's get busy!  There are sooo many empty store fronts in prime retail locations in this area of Southern California.  Or just let me know when you open yours and I'll come shopping.

Also let me know if you see Baby Doll.

Cheers!  Linda 


  1. If I was there...I would open one!!! That console is beautiful.

    1. Sherry - I think we could make a great team! (except for the CA / Atlanta divide) You can do the math parts, right?

  2. Linda,
    Where is this OC Salvation Army store? I'll keep a lookout for your baby doll since we both live in the same area!

    1. Annie - Thank you! When a donation is made to Salvation Army everything is taken to the distribution center and then re-distributed to the stores. There are about 10 in Orange Co. I've been to a few and everyone who works in the stores is so kind when there hear my story....she is maybe being "loved up" by another little girl - but I'm looking still.
      Maybe we'll run into each other in the toy department, if we're not too distracted by home furnishings! :-)

  3. Linda,
    How's it going? So sad about your doll. Hope you find her. I wish I was down there. I'd have a store with you! Fun idea!

    1. Thank you for missing me Kim! This break has been successful, but agonizingly difficult to not be BLOGGING!
      Check out today's post for details.... Cheers!


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