Sunday, February 5, 2012

Maison de Luxe - Designer Jamie Drake

Super Tiny   
 Luxe Magazine  Los Angeles pages 178 & 179 
Designer Jamie Drake

My photographic images show texture and layering techniques in detail - well, the detail that attracts my attention!

Design In My View original photo
Greystone Mansion original parquet flooring.  Embroidery drapes (Rubelli fabrics, Samuel & Sons trim), smoky plexiglass, ebony wood, velvet, damask, nubby silk (or linen) and what looks like cotton denim.  Ooo la la!

The above view is to the left of the seating group (drapery panels flank french doors) shown below:
Design In My View original photo
In this designer show house (Maison de Luxe) Jamie Drake loves to mix color, texture, and SHINE!  

The sofa is by Donghia and the painting is by Lana Gomez via KiptonArt, lamps from Porta Romana, paint by Benjamin Moore.

Design In My View original photo
Are you gaga over this?!  Custom hyde carpet by Kyle Bunting, patchwork optic pattern, dyed to match the fabric choices throughout the room.  Coffee tables are from Downtown.

Please ask me your questions - 'Cause if I go into all of the details I SEE, many of you will burn out on the "verbage" or combust - lit by my enthusiasm!

Cheers!  Linda


  1. Linda, I love that parquet flooring. Is that gaining popularity these days? We have original oak flooring that's been sanded and finished. I wanted large plank, dark wood - however it was too expensive to change things up that much. My home is neutral and these colors make me feel like I should go out and buy new paint!


    1. Leslie, I think classics (and saving big dollars) are always popular. Did you put a dark stain on your floor when it was refinished? I agree that the color rainbow used in this room distracts from the floors - and then who cares?!
      We are coming to Seattle soon - do you have a recommendation for dinner downtown?
      Cheers! Linda


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