Thursday, February 2, 2012

Polka Dot Artist Yayoi Kusama

Iam suddenly and happily overcome by a NEW (to me!  You?) ARTIST.

Yayoi Kusama

"Pumpkin 1994"   image from Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo/Kusama Studio Inc.

Two installations in Japan.  Organic, Original, O word not suitable for all audiences. (yes, I went there - rhymes sometimes take over thought)

"Red Pumpkin"   image Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo/Kusama Studio Inc.

Our artist............................
Yayoi Kusama  b. 3/22/1929               Biography
Check her Wikipedia biography here.  You may (or, may not) be surprised to learn that she has long suffered with mental illness.  (eh!  what genius creative types are not at least a bit "touched"?)

Her original artwork.....         ...   . . . ....  ...   .   .      .

Watch Peter Gabriel's song "Lovetown" for Kusama's collaboration in this music video.  here.

"Look Now, See Forever" is a current exhibition at Queensland/Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, Australia through 11 March 2012.  here

The exhibit includes my most favorite interaction exploration of a subject EVER.  Open to families who were given dot stickers to place wherever they chose - no rules - no guidelines - total freedom!  (Hopefully, all the parents attending children observed this and stayed out of their kids way.  Just saying, as a parent, that is something we have a really hard time doing.)

The Obliteration Room - before...
Photo via Huffington Post  by Mark Sherwood

during.......   ......

Photo via The Huffington Post  by Mark Sherwood

Families came into the artwork and put their mark (dots) wherever they wanted....
           .      ....
       .     .     .    .    .
Photo via The Huffington Post  by Katie Bennett

Photo via The Huffington Post   by Natasha Harth
and After! .. .. .   see why it's my favorite?  

So remember - Yayoi Kusama born in 1929 loves dots - "crazy" for dots...  .. . ...
Kusama Trees      Photo via Google Images  
Love when nature is incorporated into art - becomes sculpture!

Creations possibly influenced by Kusama...  . :

Jean Paul Gaultier       Fashion Designer
Rosanna Arquette at 2011 MOCA Gala   photo via Tom + Lorenzo

John Hardy          Jewelry Designer
Ring    via

Designer Unknown
via Vancouver Is Awesome

Philippe Decoufle'           French Choreographer
photo by Antoine Poupel/Zipporah Films
I spotted (ha!) New York Times article while building this post (it has taken a few weeks) reviewing documentarian Frederick Wiseman's film "Crazy Horse".  A behind the scenes black comedy  set in the Paris strip club of the same name.  

Could not imagine a more Kusama inspired piece - down to the hair!

More dots to come....  It appears I am surrounded.  You?

Cheers!  Linda


  1. Very creative and .. oh so unique! Thanks for stopping by today Linda. I'm a native California girl that was born in the city of Los Angeles - and lived there for 38 years. I'll look forward to following you and learning about design.



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