Monday, January 16, 2012

Baby Doll Costume

Baby Doll in Bumble Bee Costume photo & costume by Daughter

When a middle school aged creative type is "unplugged" by her  dominate loving mother.....good things happen!

I found these photos looking for design blog inspiration.

Unfortunately, inspiration pared with guilt (mine) when I shared the photos with, now, high school aged daughter.

See how Daughter invented black stripes (marker on painters tape) 

She longs for baby doll.

And I donated baby doll a few months ago.

In my defense, I explained reasoned that her storage boxes of memories (toys no longer being featured in her room) needed to be edited.  And baby doll could have a few years of making another little girl very happy.

Daughter seemed to understand and agreed.  (at the time, but....)

We went to the Salvation Army together on Friday, looking for baby doll.

As it turns out....  All donations are loaded onto a semi truck and taken to the central distribution center.  There are 10 stores that baby doll may have been taken.  (This is why "Toy Story 3" made our family cry, and now it's happening to us!)

I have the phone number to the Salvation Army distribution center.  (Waiting impatiently for this holiday weekend to END!)  My duty (self imposed) is to find out the addresses of the most likely locations baby doll may have been sent.  The manager of our nearest location said that they do not receive many toys since their clients buy more clothes and housewares.  (I spotted some great furniture!   But I digress....)

At this point I can only hope that baby doll is trying her best not to be purchased.  Maybe hiding behind other toys on the shelf, burying herself deep into a bin of boy's toy options, anything to be loved by Daughter again.

Cheers to you!  Nutz to the trials of being a Parent!


  1. Linda, Feeling for you! We had the same situation with a stuffed snake. As we were driving away from the Goodwill truck the kids were screaming out the window, "Mom, stop, Snakey!!" I could see the striped face peeking out.

    I thought I had hid it under the other junk we were giving away. To this day the darn snake is taking up some serious real-estate in a closet!

    I always tell my sons another kid is going to love it, but it doesn't always help!

    Take care! Kim
    p.s. Loved the pendant lights too

    1. Thank you Kim! So great that you stopped for "Snakey"! Baby doll took up way less space than I gained for my "piles". Nutz!
      Maybe I'll feel better when those pendant lights arrive.....


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