Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ballard Designs' Mirror Frame As Ceiling Medallion

Our entry area between the door and the stairway is rectangular - on proportion to a 5' X 7' area rug, which I have stored since the slate floor installation...don't want to cover the beautiful stone!

I had the electrical moved to "center" on the door and leading edge of the stairway.  Then the search began for the chandelier and architecture needed to enhance this space.

Primer coat on resin mirror frame repurposed as Ceiling Medallion.

Before ordering this frame, I did call Ballard Designs to confirm the diameter of the mirror opening.  It was perfect enough, after the addition of a small ceiling medallion found at the hardware store.

This exact frame is no longer in stock, but Wisteria has a similar one carved from mango wood.   I wish this had been an option as the wood grain is beautiful.  The sunburst mirrors in/at Wisteria are great too!

To ensure that the medallion will never drop from it's great height, the boys glued and screwed (they love that!) and then braced until the glue had cured.  (Can you smell the testosterone?  When Hubby and Contractor are in the same space and you are in control observing as aesthetic advisor, it is a great day!)

Not featured in this photo, but slightly visible on the left side, is another bit of architecture I needed (YES, needed!) in order to establish a proper foyer.  With the talented assistance of my finish carpenter I salvaged 3 of 4 louvered panels from the set of sliders in the former dining room.  Which is now the pool table room. (Should I say, Billiards Room?)  The "structure" includes a rough sawn faux beam that runs parallel to the step down into the living room.

Ta dah!

The chandelier is still in "as found" condition... always thinking it may be best with a new color.  But first, the switch needs to be changed to a dimmer control.  Gotta love dimmers!

Note the faux beam on the right.

Decorated for Christmas!

Photos are so great in showing areas that need attention - trim around the door needs to be darker - probably, the slate gray I've used around the double doors into the Billiards Room (you simply must say that with an exaggerated English accent).   I need to source a wallpaper for these two walls - one that will help the closet doors disappear even more.  Finally, the iron railing, which will be in a future view (I haven't ordered it yet...).

Cheers!  Linda


  1. this idea! And that chandelier was like the one I saw at Scott's!!! I am trolling for one of those.......

    1. Thanks and good luck on your search. Next time you can not find the dealer at Scott's why not just pick the item up and start walking...maybe saying loudly, "I would like to BUY this! Is anyone interested in SELLing?!" ;-)

  2. that is a very clever idea! pinning...

    1. Anne-Marie - How very flattering that you have "pinned" my ceiling medallion project! It was fun to search it out on Pinterest - I have had a couple of "surfers" cruise this way since. :-)


  3. Pretty creative! You could wrap the rough sawn ceiling beam with a faux wood beam of polyurethane. It'd look good with the mirror/medallion:

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. That is a real wood faux box beam which has now been painted to match the shutters.

      I have seen beautiful poly architectural details here in The OC - with the high ceilings here it is a perfect solution to bare "builder basic" styles. Exterior too - window trim, corner details and crown style facia.

      Tell me how you found this post! :-)


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