Saturday, January 7, 2012

Black To The Max

Striped drapery fabric, striped paper (ok, wall covering - might be fabric), high gloss paint (see it on the door, trim, book case, and....sofa feet!), picture frames, art and book jackets, stained floor, (tough to see, but the throw pillows too I think!) and L.O.V.E. the calf skin rug!!!

Found via Design Caller posted January 6, 2012

What more needs to be said?  BLACK MAX + TEXTURE = Perfection!

Cheers!  Linda

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  1. I completely agree, Linda - it's gorgeous!! I didn't see a place to email you, but you asked how we knew how many email followers we had. When we started our blog, email followers were done by feedburner. I just go to and put in my email address and google password and it tells me. I'm not sure if you are on feedburner or if it's through blogger, but you could try feedburner first and if not, then email blogger to see if someone there can tell you...hope this helps! beth


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