Saturday, November 5, 2011

Three of My Favorite Things In One Room

  • Mitered stripe on pillows created from striped curtain fabric (or similar) 
  • Built in bed and storage
  • Dog silhouette - XL scale
Least favorite thing in this room.....That light fixture in the beam!  Other solutions are a goose neck style mounted just above or within the cabinetry,  a hanging fixture dropping just the other side and below the beam,  even simple can lights way up high are better.  

First thing I will copy is definitely the dog silhouette.  I have just gathered the kids and my silhouettes from what, first grade (?) and have them at the framer - oh! - there is one of hubby from a Disneyland trip I need to frame too.  hmm.  Maybe get that done before the extra large one of the dog.  

One more thing.  A built in bed is very difficult to make with all the sheet and blanket layers.  Growing up, we had friends with three boys who shared a room with custom bunks.  Use a bottom sheet and a duvet in an envelope style case made from matching sheets.  Once Mom has the bottom sheet tucked in, a young child can make a duvet look "made up" - easy!

Happy Weekend,  Linda

Hoping I have remembered correctly - this photo is from

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